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5 Advantages of Using Peel vs Any Other Remote App

Given their wide range of benefits, elegant control, sophisticated features and ease of use, remote apps are advancing rapidly to replace physical remotes. One of the most popular among them is Peel universal remote app.

Peel is not yet another remote app. It has several innovative benefits that make it advantageous when compared to other apps, major few of which are as follows.

1. It’s compatible with a long list of devices.

So many devices and so many remotes! Using them together can be quite a task sometimes. But if you’re using an Android phone, you have a highly effective means now to get rid of that hoard of remotes on your coffee table. The app uses the IR or Wi-fi capabilities of your phone and turns it into a universal remote.


Peel is compatible with more than 50 home appliance brands and can support thousands of devices. So, if you have any IR-enabled device at home, you should be able to control it using Peel app. If you have a CRT at your home, then also you can use Peel remote app to control it.  

2. TV programme guide is its unique value-addition.

Peel is your smart TV watching assistant. It observes your viewing behaviour and records your preferences. Based on its understanding, it shows you viewing recommendations on the home screen every time you turn it on. The more you interact with the app, the more precise will the recommendations become.

Peel also lets you schedule your viewing list for up to one week ahead. It sends you reminders when a scheduled TV programme is going to be up so that you don’t miss it.

TV programme guide is an immensely useful distinction of Peel remote control app. In addition to helping you make the most out of your TV watching time, it also helps you reduce screen exposure to live a healthier life.

3. It has intelligent voice-recognition capabilities.

In the series of latest developments, Peel has introduced voice-recognition capabilities to offer an all-new level of convenience to the users. It’s quite a helpful feature for TV viewers as instead of typing long names of the programmes in the search box, they only have to speak a command to the app.

Although there are a few apps equipped with voice-recognition, what makes Peel stand apart is its ability to understand the context. So, it doesn’t translate your voice command but interprets it. For example, if you don’t recall the name of a movie or TV show, you can use cues like actors in the movie, its plot or director’s name, and the app will come up with relevant search results.

4. It lets you group controls for separate devices.

You may have several devices and appliances at your home and you must be using them frequently, if not daily. But have you ever paid attention to the fact that their uses aren’t mutually exclusive and somewhere, many of them work in a correlated manner?

Take the example of when you’re watching your favourite action thriller. You set AC at a certain temperature, dim or turn off lights, raise the volume of speakers through home theatre settings and switch off appliances in other rooms that aren’t in use. With Peel, you don’t have to do all of this separately. You can group individual controls for separate devices and operate them simultaneously using a single command.

You can create multiple such combinations using Peel and make your life easier.

5. It’s the most cost-effective remote app in the market.

For sure, remote controls remote offer an undeniable advantage over plastic-based universal remotes in terms of price and ease of use. Interestingly, Peel smart remote is more beneficial than most of these apps out there for the same reasons.

Although remote apps aren’t as costly as a physical remote, many of them do require an initial investment. Peel, on the other hand, is a free app with hidden charges either. You only have to search for it in Google Play Store, download it and integrate devices.

You can get an idea of how much saving it brings you for home automation. You don’t have to buy additional sensors or devices. Neither do you have to incur a huge sum for its repair.

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