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5 Ways You can Use Peel Remote App to Simplify Your Life

Peel is one of the most downloaded remote apps today. Majorly used it the TV segment, it is also able to support a wide range of devices. What makes Peel different from several other remote apps out there are its unique features that aim to simplify your life like never before.

Here is a quick look at five major ones of them.

Intelligent TV programme guide

This is one of the most useful features of the app. You can use it to see what programmes are trending and upcoming in the form of thumbnails on the home screen. Instead of browsing through various channels, you can simply tap the thumbnails and the app will take you to the corresponding channel.

These thumbnails are the programmes recommended by Peel based on your viewing history. The recommendations become more accurate over time as you interact with the app more.

Another impressive feature of Peel TV remote app is that it lets you schedule your viewing list for up to a week in advance. It also sends you a reminder when a programme from the scheduled list is upcoming. This feature not only enhances your viewing experience but it also helps you shorten screen time so that you and your family can spend a healthier life.

A shift in home digitisation

Home automation is increasingly finding likes among people. Besides giving a high-tech touch to your home, it also assures you of unparalleled security to your family members. However, a traditional automation set-up can be complex and costly and you always need expert assistance for its installation, maintenance and repair.

But Peel makes that simple. It makes you the expert of automation of your home. It doesn’t require you to invest in sensors and can work with any device as long as it’s IR or Wi-fi-enabled. It is compatible with over 150 home electronic brands and can support more than 4,00,000 devices and appliances such as TV, set-top box, camera, gaming console, streaming devices, AC, lights etc. And it’s free!

One touch control of devices

Imagine you’re leaving your house to attend a party. One of the final things you have to do before stepping out is to turn off all appliances in use like AC, TV, lights etc. Then you have to activate central home locking if you have one. Wouldn’t it be good if you could do all this using a single command? Peel lets you do that.

Peel enables you to group together controls for various devices. So, instead of sending separate commands for individual appliances, you only have to tap one button.

Now, you don’t have to wonder while driving to the party whether you left any device running accidentally.

One device instead of multiple remotes

Home technology is rapidly evolving and appliances are getting smarter to bring us a consistently new level of convenience. We have come a long way from manual control to remotely operating devices.

However, the evolution of remotes has not been commensurate with the growth in home technology. You need a separate remote for every device like TV, home theatre, AC and lights. Not only does it make it little inconvenient to operate multiple devices simultaneously, but it also adds clutter of remotes in the room.

Peel app gives you a unified control over all the devices simply using your Android smartphone. So, download Peel today and get rid of all those remotes.

Voice control

Tired of typing long names in the programme search box? It’s understandable. The good news is that you don’t have to do it anymore. With Peel’s voice-recognition capability, you don’t have to type or browse to find your favourite TV programme. Just speak the name of the movie and the app will bring it up for you. Tap the result and you’re all set to watch it.

But this isn’t all. Peel is an intelligent app and understands the context of the command. This means even if you don’t know the name of the programme, you can give the app important cues like movie cast or plot and it will come back with relevant search results.

Download the app today to enjoy all these benefits and make your life simpler. Peel is also an app quite easy to set up.

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