6 Best Universal TV Remote Apps for Android phone

6 Best Universal TV Remote Apps for Android phone

With the intervention of technology, people have got an enormous amount of control over their electronic devices. From accessing Wifi to using Internet remotely, now we can access everything with just a tap on our smartphones. It has also enabled the automation of homes and workplaces.

The smartphone we own holds an unexpected trove of possibilities and having the option to remotely control Android devices are like a gift to us. There are plenty of universal remote apps available for Android devices. You need to just choose one and control your TV, PC, and smart devices within your phone.

Isn’t it amazing? No more battery issues. No more quarrels over the physical remote. Now everyone has their own remote control.

Let’s go further and have a look at the list of ingenious Android apps that can turn your smartphone into a smart remote control.

1. Google Home

With this app, you can set-up, control, and manage your Chromecast and Google Home devices along with thousands of connected home devices like cameras, lights, and thermostat.

Key Features:

a. One View

Organize, control, and manage all compatible devices like TVs, cameras, and lights from one place. It acts like a remote for more than 5000 smart home devices from around 400 brands including Chromecast and Google Home. It is an easy solution for a TV remote app for Android phones.

b. One Tap

This app provides you with shortcuts for the application you like and use the most such as dimming the lights, playing music or start/pause a movie, all with just one tap.

c. Endless Possibilities

Google Home app enables you to make your life at home more comfortable and sorted. With its ‘Discover’ feature, you can check the latest tips, offers, and features. Also, get popular apps and trending videos using the ‘Browse’ tab.

2. Unified Remote

If you’re a frequent desk computer user, then Unified device is the best fit for you. Unified Remote allows you to control your desktop from your smartphone if both are in the same Wifi network. You can let go of your TV remote and use this app for Android phones.

All you need to do is to install the desktop app on the PC and mobile application on your smartphone. Then you can quickly scan your PC with the mobile app and control it conveniently.

Key Features:

  • Automatic server detection
  • Password protected and encrypted server
  • Supports single as well as multi-touch mouse control
  • The server is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux

3. Peel Smart Remote

One simple-to-use remote control app to revolutionize your entertainment experience. It combines streamed TV listings and universal remote control. Peel Smart Remote enables you to turn your phone into a remote control for devices such as Air Conditioner, TV, and set-up boxes.


a. Universal Remote Control

Control your TV, DVD player, Apple TV, set-top box, audio system, and other home appliances with its built-in infrared blaster on your smartphone.

b. Custom Lockscreen

Make your lock screen smarter with latest updates such as breaking news, games, weather, and horoscopes. You can play quick games also.

c. Get Recommendations

Peel Smart Remote also serves as an advanced TV remote app for Android phones as it provides you TV guide listings and show recommendations based on your past viewing behavior and preferences. Everything will be organized in an easy-to-navigate interface.

d. Easy Setup

You can always be synced with your remote control. No matter what your location is, just select your location, choose your TV service provider, and enjoy your personalized feed with Peel.

4. Amazon Fire TV Remote

Enhance your Fire TV experience with easy navigation, a keyboard for text entry, and quick access to all your apps and games. No more pecking and hunting.


  • Voice Search
  • Playback controls
  • Keyboard for text entry
  • Simple navigation
  • Quick access to favorite games and apps


  • Requires multicast-enabled router
  • It is designed for sorted navigation
  • Can be used as a playback control of Fire TV
  • To play games, use the remote control included with Fire TV

5. Anymote Universal Remote

If your smartphone has an IR blaster, then Anymote Universal Remote is for you. It converts your smartphone into an Android remote control by tapping into the IR blaster option.  You can also customize your remote and unlock several other features.

Free Access to Local Features

  • Option to customize remote by changing colors, rearranging buttons, icons, text, and positions.
  • Create macros for executing multiple commands with a single touch.
  • Option to have automated tasks for executing commands without any interaction
  • Tasker integration
  • Floating remotes
  • Voice commands via Google now
  • Add one more remote and use it
  • Air gestures

Paid Access

  • Option to add unlimited remotes
  • Restore/backup remotes
  • Personalized customer support

6. IR Universal Remote

To replace the physical TV remote, you can use an app for Android phones -IR Universal Remote. You can also control other devices such as Fans, AC, Lights, and more. This app can convert smartphones and tablets with remote IR blasters into a fully functional universal remote.


a. Easy to use

You can browse through different code sets and categories for finding the remote that works best for you. You can easily and quickly access all saved remotes from the menu panel.

b. Free of Cost:

This app does not require any purchase. It works on the in-app advertising model. Ads enable users to get remotes in the app without any cost. In case you want to remove ads from the app, you just need to pay a small fee once.

c. Additional Features: There are some other features in the app that make it a good fit for your Android devices

  • Option to edit toolbar
  • Edit background with different color and image
  • Change colors, IR codes, roundness, text, and transparency
  • Option to use 2 widgets to control devices easily and quickly
  • Access notification remote while using other apps
  • Setup macros and send multiple commands at once
  • Control multiple devices from one remote

Wrapping Up,

Above mentioned was the list of top 6 universal remote apps for your Android phones that can help you manage your own network of connected devices. With the help of these apps, you can easily create an excellent Android remote control for various devices such as AC, lights, fans. Each app has its own set of handy features and expertise. You can select the app that fits best for you and turns your Android devices into a functional remote control Android device.

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