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Complete Guide: How to Use Peel Smart Remote App for Your Entertainment

Gone are the days when you were forced to manage working with multiple remotes to operate your TV, set-top box, home theatre, media streaming etc. Today, universal smart remote apps are making life easier by letting people operate several devices and appliances around their house by only using one remote. And the most popular of these apps is Peel smart TV remote.

Although there is a high likelihood that you’ve heard of Peel app, in case you didn’t, it’s a universal remote app which turns your Android phone into a smart remote. The app uses your phone’s IR-blaster or WiFi network of your home and lets you control all smart devices like TV, AC, smart lighting etc.

What are the major advantages of Peel app?

First question first – What does Peel smart remote app do? In particular, Peel aims to deliver a never-before TV watching experience. It provides you with all the functionalities of a traditional plastic TV remote. However, the differences are significant and you can see them as soon as you download and start using the app.

  • Rich interface

Peel provides a rich user interface for your smartphone and tablets. Besides, touchpad features make navigation even more friendly. So instead of pressing the buttons, you only have to swipe up, down and across to control your TV. It also allows you to customise the menu by rearranging buttons according to your preference.

  • Smart assistance

With Peel, you don’t have to struggle while searching for your favourite show or movie. It has colourful thumbnails of featured shows. A long press on each thumbnail gives you the synopsis of the show.

Additionally, the app grows smarter with each interaction you have with it. It keeps a track of the programs you like or don’t like. It also lets you manage channels according to the genre and what’s trending. Based on your preferences, it offers you personalised program recommendations on the front page. If you like a recommendation, you only have to tap the thumbnail and the app will take you to the channel.

  • Comprehensive TV guide

Peel universal remote app is a complete TV guide for you. It shows you the list and schedule of upcoming programs and lets you record them or set up a reminder to watch them. You only have to input the name of your cable or DTH service provider, along with your region, and you have an intelligent TV guide at your service.

Although, the guide feature primarily requires a text input, in some regions, Peel allows the users to input commands using their voice.

  • Social media features

Social media is stronger than ever today and has given way to a new form of interaction. People love to share their views and stories with others in their social network. That’s why Peel adds this element as well to enhance your TV watching experience. You can use the app to share your watchlist within your social circle and get to know what your friends are watching. It’s an interesting feature.

So, how does Peel remote app work?

The app is designed to work with Android phones. It uses IR capabilities of your phone to enable you to use it as a smart remote. If your phone doesn’t have an IR-emitter, that’s still fine. In that case, the app will leverage the WiFi network. However, you should make sure that your TV is WiFi compatible, and your TV and phone are on the same WiFi network.

How do you set up Peel app?

Despite offering a wide range of smart features, Peel app is very simple to use. If you’re wondering how to install Peel smart remote and how to connect it with the TV , you can relax as the process is far from being complex. You just have to search for the app in Google Play Store, same as you for other apps. Post this, download the app on your Android phone, open the app once the download is complete and now you’re good to go ahead with setting up your devices.

The set-up is again a simple process. The app itself will guide you through the set-up.

Turn on the app and pair it with the device you want to control using it. Adjust settings to control the set-top box, point your phone towards the device, tap on the screen to confirm it’s working and that’s all.

If you want to connect more than one TV with the app, it’s not a challenge either. You’ll need to go to the electronic program guide (EPG) page and add a new room. After this, you can go ahead and connect another TV. This is a great feature of the app as it not only enables you to connect separate TVs using multiple rooms, but it also makes shuffling between devices easy.

Does Peel require you to have a cable subscription?

Although a cable subscription allows you to enjoy Peel capabilities to the maximum, you can still run all basic remote operations from your phone even if you don’t have a cable subscription.

In addition to running basic commands, Peel allows you to operate other media devices such as Chromecast, Xbox, media player and even YouTube. Besides, you can use the app to easily shuffle between them.

Peel Smart remote comes pre-installed with a lot of phones of Samsung, HTC and more making it easier for you to access your phone and use it as a remote.

In case you’re wondering – can I disable peel remote?

If you’re not using the app, you can just close it. If somehow you want to uninstall or delete Peel smart remote, you can go to the app settings in your phone and simply uninstall it.

However, as mentioned, many smartphones have Peel app pre-installed which makes it a native app for them. In this case, you cannot uninstall the app. You can always use the app. Not that we are telling you something but try playing some pranks on your friends/siblings by turning off the TV or changing channels when they are watching it.


While the app developers continue to ensure a superior user experience, in case you face any challenges with respect to the app use, you can write to with details of the issue.

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