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Digital Transformation for Your House

Home automation is not a new concept. It’s been there for quite some time, since the internet of things (IoT) started to pick up the pace. It’s usage was seen more inexpensive homes and large offices initially. However, as technology started to become more affordable, there began a rise in the number of people turning towards intelligent homes.

Home automation, or domotics as it’s often called, is an IoT offering which facilitates smart home systems and devices working together. It allows users or homeowners to electronically control several household appliances. Automation may also include a centralized control of several appliances such as lighting, locks, cameras, air conditioning and so on.

Only a few years ago, automating one’s home was an expensive affair. Just to get an estimate, even for a small house, a traditional home automation setup may require you to shell out more than a thousand US dollars. Sensors and devices would cost you $15 each at the minimum and go up to hundreds of dollars, depending on your taste and how sophisticated their features are.

And let’s not skip the complexity associated with the traditional automation systems. They required professional help to deal with the hardware as well as software parts of it as it involved the knowledge of computer programming and electrical fittings.

DIY Automation: Home automation apps

Home automation became more sophisticated over the time. Now you have DIY home automation apps that are quite easy to set up and operate. They allow you to control and monitor a wide range of devices using a single remote control app on your smartphone. You can even set up notifications and automate tasks using the app. For example, based on your settings, the sensors can send it the signal when the soil in your gardening pots is dry below a predefined level. Based on that, it can start the sprinklers or drip irrigation automatically. Isn’t that great?

Today, you have numerous DIY automation apps in Android stores, WeMo, Nest, Peel, Control4, Directv to name a few.

Home automation with Peel

Peel universal TV remote is a well-known app today which can turn your Android phone into a smart remote to control your TV, set-top box, music systems, game consoles and many other entertainment devices around your home. But that’s not all about Peel.

To meet the demand of the consumers, Peel further expanded its portfolio of features and added to its capabilities some time back. It’s now a universal remote app which can also control the several home electronics around your home using their IT-emitters. However, in the absence of an IR-emitter, it can use your WiFi network and allow you to run the appliances through your phone.

This “Peel-in” experience helps control multiple devices at the same time. For example, you can use it to dim the lights of the living room while checking the summary of your favorite TV show and adjusting the volume of your home theatre.

How Peel smart remote is different from most of the apps out there

Peel is a proven brand and has shown its mettle in the TV remote segment. Now it has added features to control household electronic products. Peel’s key distinguishing features are as below.

  • The app is compatible with more than 150 brands of IR-enabled home electronics which include heating and cooling appliances, AC, fans etc.
  • Peel universal remote comes free like the other DIY apps. However, unlike most of them, it doesn’t require a pricey hardware. You only need to have IR or WiFi connectivity and the app is good to go.
  • There is no complexity associated with its usage. Besides, setting it up is easy. Once you install it, it guides you through the set-up process on its own. Besides, it offers a user-friendly navigation and its interface is optimized for Android tablets.

Certainly, home automation assures homeowners of security, comfort and peace of mind. It becomes all the more beneficial when there are elderly members at home. DIY automation apps add an unprecedented convenience to the experience by allowing you to control your household devices from your phone or tablet. Contrary to the traditional systems, these apps are simple and cost-effective. All they require are a phone and smart devices, and you’re all set to have an intelligent home.

And if you have an Android phone, Peel smart remote makes the perfect way of automating your home with its unified and multi-device platform.

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