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Everything You Need to Know About Peel App

What is Peel App?

A universal smart remote app, Peel transforms a smartphone into a universal, all-in-one remote control device! Users can substitute the conventional remotes for TV, air conditioner, set-top boxes and other small gadgets all in one app through Peel Universal Remote.

Aimed at reducing the hassles of handling half a dozen remotes for the appliances at one’s home, Peel remote app uses an inbuilt Infrared blaster to transform a mobile phone into a remote! There is also the alternate option to connect your devices through WiFi to the app.

How do we use the Peel App?

The steps to download and start using the app are very simple. Search for Peel Universal remote on Google Play Store and install it on your device. Since you can add devices through IR or WiFi, the steps are almost the same for each:

For TV, follow the steps:

  1. Select the TV brand once you open the app
  2. Use the power button displayed on the screen to point at the TV and switch it on
  3. If step 2 fails, continue experimenting with buttons till the setup is complete
  4. Add your service provider/ DTH provider from the list
  5. The screen displays a number of buttons and a wide variety of interfaces — choose the ones you like

For other appliances:

  1. Select the plus button on home screen to add more devices
  2. Choose the category of the device from the list
  3. Point and press to recreate an exact replica of the remote of the device in the phone in an all new tab
  4. Keep adding devices you want to control

Note: In phones without IR, solely dependent on WiFi, you will need an internet connection based device to connect the Peel Remote App. Smart TVs, DVD players, Xbox and other gaming devices and WiFi connected sound systems work like a charm on WiFi.

What exactly can you do with a Peel Universal Remote?

The Peel Universal Remote App is something that simply makes life easier in a bunch of ways. Here are some of the fun things that you can use your Peel remote control app for:

  • The smart universal remote on the Peel App is designed to revolutionize your TV viewing experience like never before! It serves the dual function of a universal remote and an archive for live and streamed TV listings; bundled together into one easy to use app!
  • The app is truly universal, and seamlessly connects to your TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, audio system and air conditioners all at one go! IR enabled phones don’t even need an internet connection for set up and the app feels like a magical wand designed to control the devices around you!
  • It is your personal haven for TV recommendations! The app suggests what you will love to watch based on your past viewing behavior, and it comes handy when you want some entertainment but are unwilling to surf through a 100 odd TV Channels for the sake of it! What more, even schedule reminders for favorite shows on the app
  • An exact replica of your original remote ensures that you don’t have to learn using a new one. With support for 400,000 devices, the Peel Remote App is truly universal. Once synced, the app creates an exact replica of the original remote you have, all within a few seconds!
  • The app gets smarter with use! Wondering how? Peel is the world’s most popular smart remote and takes commands for over 10 billion devices each month from its 140 million user base. The app learns the ways to configure to the new and old devices on a continuous basis and with Peel, you can trust to find your favourite content right in your remote!

Why choose Peel?

Well, look around! Chances are, you have about a dozen remote controls lying around in your home. Every year, a new device is added to an average home and controlling so many devices with the endless number of bulky remote controls is not easy, to begin with. Hence, using Peel makes more sense as:

  1. It can be used as a substitute for all the remotes you use.
  2. Since you can always ring up your phone to locate it, there is no chance of misplacing the remote under the sofa.
  3. It is smart and handy, and you won’t have to buy a replacement remote for a device ever again.
  4. It is smart and doubles as your streaming app, so television viewing can become a lot less hectic for sure.
  5. And to wind up, you need the Peel App because you simply cannot end up safeguarding numerous remotes, because it is simply pointless.

The peel universal remote app makes life easier and saves up on time too. Download the app right here.

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