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Feeling Bored at Home? Here is How Peel TV App can Help

Does it ever happen to you that you’re at home looking for something to kill time and can’t find it? Or maybe you’ve taken a day off from work as a break to relax and rejuvenate. You don’t want to sleep or step out and you don’t have anything to do. Of course, you don’t want to spend the day getting bored at home. Most likely, you’d end up choosing to watch TV.

The TV has long been a popular choice of entertainment and a means to avoid boredom. And to help you avail the optimum experience, Peel remote app offers a unique set of benefits. Let’s take a look.

Find your favourite shows quickly.

Once you have turned on the TV to kill your time, you have to find a movie, serial, game or news that may interest you. That requires browsing so many channels and stopping at each of them to see the details. As much relaxed as you get once you find what you’re looking for, the process of looking for it can be uncomfortable.

Peel eliminates this problem entirely. It lets you find TV programmes by type a genre. For example, you can filter down programmes sport, new, movie, documentary etc. Similarly, you can find a movie based on its genre like action, horror, romantic, comedy and so on. You can also use Peel to see what TV shows or upcoming or trending which helps you decide what you want to watch from the list of currently running programmes.

And while browsing channels, you don’t have to leave the channel you’re watching. Just use your phone to check for available shows while still watching what’s running on TV.

Get accurate recommendations

Not sure what you want to watch? It’s not an uncommon situation. From a number of TV shows running simultaneously on different channels, zeroing down on one programme of your preference may not only be a challenging task at times, but it can also add to the already existing boredom.

But Peel mitigates that issue to a great extent. On its home screen, it provides you with recommendations in form of various colourful thumbnails. If you want to see the details of that TV programme, you only have to long-press the thumbnails. If the details interest you, you can gently tap the thumbnail to go directly to that channel. This saves a lot of time and of course, confusion.

Peel app records your viewing behaviour which is responsible for the accuracy of thumbnail recommendations. Every time you interact with the app, it tracks your liking and preferences for the type o genre of the TV programme. This means with prolonged interaction with the app, the recommendations only get more accurate.

Schedule your programs

It’s also possible that you saw the schedule of an upcoming movie and decided to watch it, but totally forgot when it was going to run on TV. That could be frustrating. But you can prevent such a situation from occurring again using Peel remote app.

Peel lets you plan ahead what you would like to watch. So, you can see the list of upcoming shows, check their synopses and schedules, and determine which shows you would like to watch. Once this done, you can create a list of all those programmes and set a reminder for each one of them. Peel will send you a reminder in advance when any programme from the scheduled list is going to be on TV so that you don’t miss it unintentionally. It’s a great way to catch up on your favourite movies, shows or sports matches.

Also, Peel lets you create a schedule for up to a week in advance. So, if you intend to spend a long vacation at home watching TV, you can be assured Peel will enable you to make the most out of that time.

These benefits not only help you avoid a situation of boredom, but they also ensure that you spend your time in front of the TV only watching it and not spending on futile tasks such as navigation.

So, go grab popcorn and sit relaxed in your couch. Peel TV programme guide will take care of the rest.


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