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Five Android Apps That Make Life Easy

There are millions of apps in Google play store that have been designed to help us in some or other way. Several of those apps have the potential to make our life much easier by automating tasks, saving time and creating a new experience.

This blog picks up five such apps and highlights their features.

1. Peel Smart Remote App

Peel is one of the most popular universal remote apps today. It uses the IR-emitter in your phone and turns it into a smart remote control which has a rich control system with colorful icons.

In addition to that, Peel is a comprehensive TV guide which learns from your preferences and recommends you the programs you may want to watch. It even allows you to prepare a schedule of your TV programs over the next one week.

In case your phone doesn’t have the IR-emitter, the app can use the wi-fi capabilities of your phone and TV to deliver the same extraordinary TV watching experience.

Moreover, Peel smart remote goes beyond TV and can control several other intelligent appliances around your home.

2. Solid Explorer

When it comes to organizing and managing internal files in your mobile, Solid Explorers is one of the best apps in the Android market. It allows you to protect all the files and folders with a single password.

Not only does the app let you manage files in any location on your phone, but it is also better, quicker and more efficient at that than other apps in the competition.

The app has two independent browser panels between which you can drag and drop your files easily. It can also browse storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox to manage your files in the cloud.

If you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated file explorer in Google Play, your search ends at Solid Explorer.

3. ADV Screen Recorder

Another reason which should make Android users happier than their iPhone and iOS friends is the availability of screen recording apps for your phone. And ADV Screen recorder is a leading one among them.

The easy-to-use app offers a wide range of video capture features including variable resolution, video trimming, orientation, audio recorder, text and image overlays, and several customization options.

The app allows you to use either of the back or front camera for recording and supports three different recording engines.

If you’re an Android user and love making videos, you have an easier option to record videos and share them with your friends.

4. Cool Reader

Cool Reader is one of the best e-reading apps for Android smartphones. It’s a free app and supports a full spectrum of file formats like fb2, text, doc, rtf,  epub, mobi (without DRM) html, chm etc. This means it can open almost any type of text document in your device.

It lets you flip-change the pages, customize background, font color and size, and margins. Besides, this Android-only app is also equipped with the text-to-speech feature and advanced content search options.

What’s even more interesting about the app is that it only acquires a little over 6 MB space on your phone.

Cool Reader is surely a cool app for Android users who love reading. It provides a whole new experience of reading to them.

5. My Calendar – Period Tracker

This is a great app for the women who are looking for an easy way to know when their period is due. It also tells the users about the ovulation cycle and fertile days and sends reminders to keep them informed.

Additionally, the app also offers advice on the lifestyle and diets they can follow during certain times of the month. It is especially helpful for women who are trying to get pregnant or looking to mitigate the risks of an unwanted pregnancy.

To add the peace of mind, the apps ensures the privacy of your information by letting you protect it with using a password.

The app has a rich interface and it’s user-friendly navigation assures a convenient usage.

Clearly, these apps not only improve the functionality of your phone but also make your life easier.

If any of the apps listed above serve your purposes, you should download them right now. It’s also interesting to note that these apps are free to use and can work with almost any version of Android.

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