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How Peel Remote App can Help you Lead a Healthy Life

The need to stay ahead in the competition and pave the way to a bright professional career has turned life busier than it was a few years ago. A lot of people today find themselves leading a sedentary lifestyle, spending long hours in front of a computer screen. Then, with limited time at home, watching TV possibly has become the most common utilisation of recreational time.

Various studies have proven that a longer screen time affects our health negatively. In particular, it disturbs the sleeping pattern. That’s why not only children but adults are also recommended to limit exposure to TV screens in the interest of well-being.

While this is understandable, how do we do it? The answer is–by cutting down the futile time in front of the TV set. When we’re watching a TV programme, there are various tasks that unnecessarily consume time and we fail to pay attention to them. For example, browsing channels, looking for show information, navigating through many channels to look for what we may like etc.

But, this is something we have to do while watching TV. Is it possible to escape it at all? Well, it is. Peel smart remote app helps you there. And here is how it does so.

Get programme details before turning on the TV.

In the traditional manner, you generally go to the menu and press remote keypad to check the details of various TV shows running at the time under various genres. This is a little time-consuming process and of course, you’re exposed to the TV all the while.

Peel remote cuts down this time significantly. It shows you beautiful and colourful thumbnail of the recommended TV shows on its front screen. You just have to tap the thumbnail a little longer and it will give you the synopsis of the programme. This helps you decide whether or not you would want to watch it.

An exciting feature of the app the is that you can perform the above actions while your TV is still turned off. Once you finalised a programme, turn it on, just tap the thumbnail on the smartphone screen, and the app will take you to the channel.

This feature reduces your TV exposure considerably and ensures your time is only spent in watching the programme.

Its TV programme guide helps you prevent watching too much TV.

How good it would be to go straight to watching your favourite show instead of looking for it! Even if you’ve planned what you’d watch in the evening, you’ll have to perform the same steps to go to the channel. This will increase your TV exposure again. Peel remote app has a solution for this as well.

Every time you interact with by giving it a command, it tracks your preference. It continues to record what kind of programmes or genres you’d prefer to watch or skip. Thus, its thumbnail recommendations get closer to accurate over time.

In addition to this, the programme guide also helps you schedule your watch list in advance. You can look up the app for the list, details and timing of upcoming programmes. Based on this, you can create a schedule of what you’d want on your watchlist up to next one week. The Peel TV app also sends you reminders when a programme from the watchlist approaches.

Hence, there is no more routine navigation. You can simply relax on your couch and turn on the TV.  This will help you control how much TV you want to watch and aid your sleeping needs.

Parents can also limit the time children spend in front of TV by pre-deciding what to watch and when to let them see it. With the Peel Remote TV guide, parents know it beforehand when their kids’ favourite shows will be aired and can thus, allow limited TV time for them.

Of course, beyond the Peel TV app, it is you who needs to be aware and take actions in accordance to your health and lifestyle. It cannot put an end to a sedentary routine. However, even a small contribution can make a big difference when considered over long durations. Peel remote control app can certainly limit your TV screen exposure. Besides saving you a lot of time everyday, this helps correct your sleep, thus contributing to a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t started to use the app until now, you may want to give it a try without having to spend any money.

If you have any questions about this topic or want to know more about Peel’s features and benefits, write to today. A member from the Peel team will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

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