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How to Find the Best Universal Remote Control

While physical universal remotes have been quite effective in replacing multiple remotes, a few issues associated with traditional remotes continue to exist. For example, like regular remote, they are also easy to get hidden or lost around your home. secondly, you still have to replace their battery when it runs its course. In fact, battery replacement is more frequent in them as their usage is more.

Besides, with so many controls on a limited keypad space, they turn out to be a little complex to operate. User-friendliness is surely a challenge with them. Another issue related to physical universal remotes is their price tag. If you choose to buy one, you will have shell out several thousand rupees.

So, is there a better way to control so many devices using a single remote?

Well, there is, remote apps. When you can have apps for shopping, cab booking, ordering food, making payments and what not, why not a remote-control app as well. Yes, smart remote apps are quickly replacing physical remotes. They use IR-blasters of your phone or your Wi-fi network and enable it to work as a universal remote for multiple devices.

What makes them immensely effective at work is that they allow you to use the most common device in your everyday life – the mobile phone. There is no worrying about the battery running out or misplacing the remote. And in the case when you can find it, just one tinkle on the phone is enough.

But which is the best remote app for you? Well, it’s totally up to your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for something simple…

For home entertainment particularly, Easy Universal TV Remote provides a much better experience than a physical remote does. It has a simple, user-friendly interface with all functions of a remote. It can work with several well-known brands of TV and set-top box and supports more than 2,20,000 home theatres. Another app in this category is Twinone. You can use the app to combine controls of several online and offline remotes and create a custom remote.

Apps with more features

Apps like SURE Universal take a step up from basic controls and simple interface and offer more. SURE allows file exchange between the TV and the phone and lets you stream photos, audios and videos on your TV from the phone. Able to control over a million devices, SURE offers back-up benefits so that you don’t have to configure the app all over again when you buy a new phone.

If you’re interested in a larger number of custom remotes, IR Universal may interest you. It contains a database of remotes of several devices. It lets you customise buttons according to suit your liking. And if you choose its paid version, you can create many custom remotes and widgets. One of the major interesting features of IR Universal remote is that you can use it to create macros through which you can control multiple devices simultaneously with a single tap, even when you’re using other apps.

Apps packed with innovative features

If you want to explore more possibilities of what all a remote app can do, you have options in that bucket too. Talking about macros, let’s take a look at Anymote. Along with creating complex macros to send a series of commands in one go, it can also automate tasks in a manner that you can control devices without having to interact with it. For instance, as soon as you turn on the TV, the app can dim lights for better viewing automatically.

Anymote supports over 9,00,00 devices and appliances. Besides, it’s equipped with voice-control features and is compatible with the Amazon Echo and Alexa. So, you can also give it voice commands to perform the same set of tasks.

Similar to Anymote, Peel smart remote for Android is also powered by voice technology, only a little more advanced. It can even understand the context of the voice command. So, other than direct voice commands, it can pick up hints or cure in the words. One more area where Peel remote app shares similarity with Anymote is combining multiple controls. It can group controls of different devices in the combination you prefer and can control them accordingly in a single tap simultaneously.

Primarily in TV and home entertainment segment, Peel remote control offers intelligent features like TV guide and programme scheduling which bring down the navigation time so that you can spend most of your TV time actually watching TV.

So, above was a quick glimpse into some of the remote apps in different segments. It should provide you a basic understanding of which of these apps suits your requirements well. Irrespective of which one you choose, what’s sure is that it’s going to change the way you control your devices for good.

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