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How to Get the Best from Peel Remote App on Android

Remote apps are becoming popular. Not only do they replace multiple remotes with your smartphone as a universal remote, but they also provide you with a sophisticated way of controlling devices. Besides, they don’t need a frequent replacement of the battery.

One of the most advantageous factors of remote apps is that they use the most common device as a remote control–smartphone. We depend on our smartphones more than one way. Therefore, the fear of losing them somewhere in the house and not finding is no concern.

One of the most commonly used remote apps today for your Android phone is Peel. It has enhanced graphics which are further optimized for a  great tablet experience.

How does it work?

Peel uses the IR-blaster of your Android phone to make it work as a smart universal remote. When IR-blaster isn’t available, it uses the Wi-fi network to let your phone control the devices. However, it should be made sure that they all should be on the same Wi-fi network.

A smart universal remote

Peel is compatible with more than 150 home electronics brands and over 4,00,000 devices and appliances. You can use it to control a wide range of devices like TV, set-top boxes, media player, lighting, AC, camera, smart locks and so on.

Another smart feature of Peel remote app is that it allows you to group controls of various devices to control all of them together with a single tap. So, if you’re stepping out of the house, you only need one command to turn off lights, TV, AC and activate locks.

Smart recommendations

When you turn on Peel TV remote app, you can see multiple coloured thumbnails on its home page. These thumbnails are Peel’s recommendations based on your viewing behaviour.

Peel understands your viewing preference by what type of shows or genre you generally enjoy and which ones you tend to skip. Every time you give it a command to go to a channel, it tracks it and gives you recommendations of what you may want to watch. These recommendations appear in the form of thumbnails on the home screen. If you like a recommendation, check the details and go the channel by using a tap.

As you interact more with Peel, the recommendations become more accurate over time.

Convenient browsing

Pressing the thumbpad continuously while trying a TV show you may want to watch isn’t a pleasant experience. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming. If you haven’t tried remote apps, you must be facing the issue at present.

With Peel, you can browse the shows by type like sports, news, movie, documentary etc. Similarly, Peel shows you movie options by genres such as romance, comedy, horror or thriller. Thus, you can easily find a show which interests you. One more advantage with this feature is that you can browse without changing the channel you’re watching. Just check the thumbnails on your phone screen, long-press to get the synopsis of the show and jump to the channel you like with a single tap.

Intelligent TV guide

The Peel assistance makes your TV viewing experience all the more convenient and fun. You can use the app to see which programmes are upcoming or trending. If you’re unable to watch your favourite programmes, you don’t have to worry anymore. Simply record it using Peel app and watch them later.

One of the interesting features of the Peel remote app is that it lets you create a watchlist of programmes in advance so that you don’t have to go through the browsing process all over again. You can look up the app to check upcoming programmes, see their details and set a reminder. Now forgetting isn’t a concern as the app will send you the reminder anyway when a programme from the scheduled watchlist is going to be on the TV. You can schedule programmes for up to a week ahead.

Media streams

Of course, Peel can bring an extraordinary TV watching experience by leveraging your cable subscription. However, having one isn’t a bare-minimum to use the app optimally. Peel also works with DVD/Blu-ray players and media players.

One of the latest additions in Peel portfolio is its compatibility with streaming devices and channels. With the rise of streaming channels, many people today don’t find the need to have a cable subscription. They can watch all their favourite shows on streaming channels like Netflix. Peel also supports Chromecast. So, if you want to play your movies online media like YouTube, you can enjoy the Peel experience.


Voice-recognition technology is another sophisticated feature of the Peel remote control app. It’s even more convenient to control your devices and appliances using voice. In particular, it’s quite useful when you have to search for a long movie name. Instead of typing, you can now use Peel to speak the name and the app will bring back the search result.

While a few other remotes also offer voice-recognition features, Peel’s contextual understanding is what makes it unique. This means that even if the precise voice input isn’t there, the app can pick up hints to find accurate results. For example, if you don’t know the name of the movie you’re looking for, just tell Peel the star-cast or any other cue, and it will bring back the closest matches.

Easy set-up

Setting up Peel remote control app is as simple as using it. Look for the app in Google Play Store and download it. Once it’s installed, you can go ahead and start integrating the devices you want to control using your Android phone.

To make controlling devices around your home even easier, Peel has a smart system called “rooms”. Rooms help organise and manage your devices better. You can create a room for all devices in a specific room, and similarly, another room for another set of devices. And switching between rooms is quite easy. You can edit the name of a room if you prefer.

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