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How to Use Peel Smart Remote Without WiFi

Smartphones are shrinking the world gradually by being able to perform more functions and assuming greater responsibilities. One of them today is their remote-control capabilities. You can find many mobile apps today using which you can control your TV, set-top box and many smart devices and appliances around your home simply with your phone. These apps provide the users all the controls of a traditional remote. However, there interface is much easier to use and they deliver a greater TV watching experience when compared to the plastic remote which requires you to press the keypad. Peel universal remote is the most popular among such remote apps.

What is Peel app and how does it work?

Peel is a universal remote app which uses the IR capabilities of your Android phone and empowers it to work as a smart remote app. Through Peel IR remote app, you can use your phone to control your TV, set-top box, media players, Xbox, air conditioners, and other smart appliances.

The primary area of application of Peel is TV remote control. Not only does it make watching TV more convenient and fun, but it also works as an intelligent TV watching assistant to you. It records your preferences over time and recommends you the programmes you may want to watch, by genre or type. Also, its front page has several colourful thumbnails for TV shows or movies which upon a long press give you the synopsis of the programme.

One of the most interesting features of Peel smart remote is that it allows you the schedule TV programmes for an entire week ahead and it will send you a reminder when a scheduled show is about to start.

How to use Peel App?

The app is all simple from installation to use. You just need to download the app in the Android store and download it on your phone. Once it’s downloaded, it will guide you through the set-up process. Just turn on the app, configure it with the device you want to control with it and you’re good to go.

What if there is no internet?

The whole world, as we know, is dependent on the internet. Whether it’s at the office or home, we need the internet to perform a variety of tasks everyday. Without it, so many activities can come to standstill, but not your Peel remote TV app.

Although Peel works well with your WiFi-enabled smart TV when it’s on the same network as your phone is, the app is designed to leverage infrared technology to work. As mentioned earlier in this blog, Peel uses IR-emitter of your phone to turn it into a remote control. Therefore, you only need to have the IR-booster in your phone and all you need the internet for is downloading the app. After that, you can simply continue to control your TV without the internet or WiFi. You can find a list of all IR-enabled phones here and check it to see if your phone is one of them.

So, if you haven’t already started using Peel TV remote app, you may want to try it to see how it upgrades the experience of controlling and watching TV.

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