Peel Remote Control – Transforming the way you control the TV in 2019

Peel Remote Control – Transforming the way you control the TV in 2019

Do you remember the days when we had to operate the television, music system and other home entertainment devices without remote controls? Back then, controlling the devices was a daunting task, as we had to actually walk to the device to operate it; even for the simple functions like switching it on/off and increasing/decreasing the volume.

The evolution of remote controls

Back then in 1950, the very first remote control was developed which had a wire running through from the back of the electronic device. A few years later, the wireless remote control was invented which then went on for quite a long time. Then came the remote controls that worked on the principles of infrared (IR) that involved aiming the remote control towards the electronic system to operate it. We also have wireless Radio Frequency remote controls which help us control the electronic system even without aiming the remote at it. After travelling through this entire journey of evolution of remote controls, today, we have universal remotes – one remote that works for every device in your home.

Smart remote controls: The 2019 scenario

The way we watch and control the television today in 2019 has completely transformed; thanks to the internet and smart technologies like smart remote applications. Smart remote apps bring along new features and benefits along, while not losing on the old ones. It is more convenient and economical, yet sophisticated way of controlling your home appliances. Moreover, smart remote apps are in your smartphone, so you do not have to worry about losing the remote or buying new batteries.

Peel remote control – A revolutionary way to control the home entertainment system

Out of so many smart remotes, Peel remote control is one of the most downloaded and used smart remote applications for Android users. This universal remote control is economical, user-friendly and comes with a long list of benefits. Now instead of switching remotes for the television, set-top box, audio systems, and other appliances, you can control all of these with Peel remote control app in your Android phone.

How Peel remote control has completely transformed the way we watch TV today?

  • You will not have to browse through all the channels anymore

Most of the times we switch on the TV without knowing what we actually want to watch. We keep browsing channels which takes up a lot of time and increase our screen time. Peel remote control plays an important role here. It helps us reduce our screen time by its comprehensive TV guide. The guide has the complete list of all the shows or movies scheduled on all the channels. So, all you have to do is take a look at the schedule, decide what to watch and then begin watching. This will save an immense amount of your time.

  • You will not have to discontinue watching a show to check out other shows

Peel remote control app has an amazing feature of letting you know what is broadcasted on other channels without changing the current channel. You can go through the thumbnails on the front screen. To know more about any particular program, you can long press on the thumbnail. It gives you a synopsis of that program. If you find it interesting and wish to watch, simply tap on it and start watching it.

  • You will not have to waste time searching for what you want to watch

It is 2019 and it is an age, wherein no one wants to waste time. Peel remote control is developed taking this into consideration. The app shows you smart recommendations based on your previous choices. So, without wasting any time, you can simply tap on one of the suggestions that you want to watch and it will redirect you to that channel.

A bonus feature:

You can simply ask it to perform a task without even touching it

Peel remote control also has an amazing voice recognition capability for the residents of the USA. Whether you want to switch your TV on/off or you want to change the channel or you want to increase/decrease the volume or you want to know the details about any program, all you have to do is ‘Ask’. This smart remote possesses voice recognition capabilities through which it will understand your request and perform an activity accordingly.


If you are still using physical remotes in 2019, you must quickly switch to Peel remote control and take your TV watching experience to the next level. All you have to do is download the Peel remote control from Play Store, set it up quickly and start using now.

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