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Peel Remote Helps You Make Smart Decisions for Your Health

In the age of the digital, it’s almost impossible to stay away from exposure to the screen. Be it a mobile phone, video game, computer or TV, we are exposed to screen in one or the other manner every day.

For long, it has been strongly argued by pediatricians that watching too much TV can be bad for children. However, limited screen time is not only advised for children but also adults. Increased exposure to TV can lead to health problems like obesity, disturbed sleeping pattern, loss of attention and even depression.

Peel smart remote attempts to contribute to better health for you by helping you ensure that your family watches TV wisely. In addition to providing you with numerous features and benefits, here is how you can use Peel to reduce your screen exposure.

It provides a quicker and more user-friendly navigation.

Isn’t it frustrating sometimes to navigate through numerous channels to find something worth watching? You have to jump from channel to channel while continuously pressing the thumbpad of your plastic remote. The good news is that you don’t have to do it anymore. Peel gets your rid of this unnecessary ritual for good.

On its home screen, it shows you the thumbnails of various programmes. A long press on any thumbnail gives you the synopsis of the corresponding show which helps you decide whether you want to watch it. Tap on any thumbnail and it will directly go to the channel. This saves you from all the navigation.

Interestingly, you don’t have to leave the channel you’re watching in order to browse these thumbnails. Just look for what interests you while staying on the current channel.

Moreover, you can do this even if the TV isn’t on!

Thumbnails are based on your viewing preference.

Peel TV app records your viewing history to understand what kinds or genres of TV programmes you prefer to watch and which ones you tend to avoid. Every time you give a command to the app, it tracks the interaction to note your viewing behaviour. Based on this, it places thumbnails on the home screen as recommendations. For example, if you generally watch sports channels or your kids like cartoon or infotainment programmes, Peel will show you the thumbnails based on them.

These recommendations get more accurate as you interact more with the app. This means your browsing time becomes shorter over time and what you or your kids may prefer to watch is right on the home screen. This minimises the possibility of having to spend futile time browsing channels and cuts down the screen exposure to a great extent.

It helps you schedule an appointment with your TV.

Typically, hunting for the programmes you may like to watch makes you spend a lot of time in front of the TV. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you already know what specifically you want to watch and when it’s going to be up on TV? For sure, that would save you from unnecessary non-viewing time. Peel remote app makes it happen.

Peel’s TV programme guide is a smart feature which lets you prepare a calendar for your favourite programmes over the next few days. You only have to look for the upcoming shows for up to over a week and select the ones you may want to watch. Create a list of programmes and set reminders. The app will take care of the rest. It will send you the reminder whenever any programme from the schedule is going to be on TV so that you don’t miss it.

So, if you create such a schedule in advance and only follow this, you will realise that you’ve started to spend less time watching TV while enjoying the viewing time thoroughly.

Controlling screen time is not only beneficial but also highly recommended for you and your kids. This small step can make a positive difference in your family health. And Peel aims to assist in you this effort.

If TV is a regular source of entertainment at your home, Peel smart remote is certainly an app you should have in your phone. To see the benefits for yourself, download it today. It’s absolutely free!

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