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Peel Smart Remote – All the questions you’ve ever had

You’re probably already aware of what Peel Smart Remote is and what all it can do. But for those who are not, Peel is a smart universal remote app for Android that can control basically all your remote controlled devices like TV, AC, STB, multimedia systems or even your smart lights through IR transmitter in your phone or the WiFi network of your house.

To add to it, Peel Universal Remote App also has a comprehensive TV guide that can show you the schedules of TV programs in more than 150 countries. Just input your cable service provider or your DTH service provider’s name and your region and you are good to go! With all that information in had, you can not only plan your favourite shows but also record them or set up a reminder, all from your phone. You can even control the Peel app with your voice (in some regions)

Having said all of this, we know at times you have may have a question or two regarding the Peel app. So, in this blog we have tried to answer a lot of those questions.

1. What is the peel smart remote app?

Peel Smart Remote is an app that enables you to control several devices like your TV, STB, AC, many media streaming devices and more with your Android smartphone.

It uses the Infrared blaster in your phone to transmit the signals and use your phone as a remote. If your phone does not have IR-blaster, you can still connect to your WiFi enabled media devices and control them.

It also allows you to view the program schedules for Television in more than 150 countries.

2. How Does Peel Universal Smart Remote Work?

Peel Universal Smart Remote uses built-in IR hardware on your Android smartphone and replaces the remote you would otherwise use. Simply point at your device and tap your phone.

For phones without the IR hardware, Peel uses WiFi to discover and control devices. You can connect to devices in the same WiFi network and control your devices such as TVs, music systems and streaming players, ACs and Cameras right from your phone.

3. How can I use my phone as a TV remote?

To use your Android smartphone as a TV remote, download the Peel Smart Remote app. Through the app, you can connect to your TV and use your phone to navigate through the channels or use the functionalities of your STB remote.

4. How to set up peel remote?

Setting up Peel Remote is very easy. You can download Peel Remote App from Google Play. Once downloaded, you only have to TV brand/STB brand and your location so that it can provide you the right features for your remote and also the program schedules for your region.

5. How to install peel smart remote?

You can install Peel from Google Play Store. Go to Google play store on your Android smartphone and search for Peel Remote. Tap the Peel Remote option and tap on install. You can even click here to go to the play store directly.

6. How to connect peel smart remote to tv?

When you first open your Peel app, it will guide you through the entire process of connecting your phone to your TV.

7. How to use peel smart remote on iPhone?

Currently, Peel app is only available for Android users.

8. How to use peel smart remote?

Simply turn on your Peel app and connect to the device you want to control (if not connect already). Point it towards that device and tap on the screen to take the desired action.

9. How do i turn peel remote off?

You can use Peel to watch TV or control any other devices that you wish to. When you are done, simply close the app and that is it.

10. How do I uninstall Peel Remote App?

To uninstall the Peel Smart Remote App, you can go to Settings > Apps > Application List > Peel App > Uninstall button. If you are not able to uninstall it, then it was a part of your phone’s native apps. A native app cannot be uninstalled. But you can still use it to control your house devices from your mobile phone and get rid of the multiple remotes that are there in your home.

11. How do I remove ads from Peel?

We, at Peel, try to bring to you regular updates for the app and keep it at par with the developments of the app world. Ads help us assure that all the lot of time and efforts is paid for.

12. Peel smart remote is not working on my phone. What do I do?

First, check if your phone has an IR blaster. You can simply do that by googling the specifications of your phone model. Or check if your phone is present on this list.

If it does not have an IR blaster, check if the device that you want to connect to is WiFi enabled or not. If it is, connect your phone and the device to the same WiFi network and you should be good to go.

If you do have any more questions, you can always reach out to us on care@peel.com

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