Peel – The best smart remote app for entertainment experience OR Experience entertainment to its best using Peel smart remote app

Peel – The best smart remote app for entertainment experience OR Experience entertainment to its best using Peel smart remote app

The idea of using smart remote apps had gained immense popularity in this smart era and had expanded its reach from the tech-savvy mindsets to the ease-loving minds. Restricting manual operations, connectivity with the internet and enhanced productivity are the key orientations of the smart gazettes.  Most of the gazettes are equipped with supporting features to accomplish these aims and if they are not unleashed to their full potential, users lose the money spent for them. Smart Remote App for Android is one such innovation. Control of the remote controls clutter, which is a normal scene in most of the households, is now taken over by the smart remote apps which can optimize the experience of using almost all the electronic gazettes of the normal households. 

  • Friendly on any platform

One factor that provides it more viability for use and makes it the best is that it can be supported by IR blaster as well as Wi-fi. 

  • Smart entertainment 

Understanding the complexities of contemporary lifestyle, time crisis being it’s one of the biggest vices, it offers a smart entertainment guide. All the interactions done with it, develop track records enabling it to understand user’s preferences and likings.  Program recommendations are created on that basis and displayed on the home screen. Just one click on it eliminates surfing exercise, saves the time, and gets the users into their own pleasure zones at any time allowing them to integrate their comfort zone and pleasure zone all at once. 

  • Social media connectivity on the smart remote app for Android

Attributed to the undeniable presence of social media in contemporary lifestyle, one amazing feature of the Peel smart remote app for Android is its connectivity with social media apps which enables users to share their experience and watch list within their social media network.   

  • An extensive TV guide on mobile phone

Whether we accept or not, we all are addicted to our phones and even if we put it aside for some reason, the very next moment our minds and hands start exercising to grab it. Inclusion of the feature of ‘Extensive TV Programs Guide’ put this struggle at rest, as all you want to find is there in the smart remote app for Android only, no need to struggle with a TV remote.

  • Powerful Interface support

Developing not only a significant but powerful interface among all the usual smart gazettes is one of the key challenges that need to be addressed for any software development and Peel had nailed it as it has a rich interface that makes it extremely user-friendly. 

  • Relaxed, hassle-free experience

Peel, a Smart Remote app for Android offers all the features of the traditional remote with freedom of customized redesigning menu structure according to individual priorities. In addition, it relieves you from all the disadvantages such as pressing the buttons frequently to attain any desired function, changing the remotes due to their functional inabilities, etc. of plastic remotes. Just swipe the menus and it gets all the functions done. 

  • Easy to set up the process

Setting up the process in the smart remote app for Android is very simple and enlisted in a few steps.

      • Download from the Play Store
      • Install
      • Add the devices 

Phones supported by IR blaster can add both types of devices; devices with internet connectivity or without internet connectivity. Phones without IR blaster only can add smart devices.

More than one TV can be added at once and switched within any time with a simple selection process. In all, it genuinely nails the quest of remotes-free homes, as it addresses all the requisite measures in that direction. Further, channel connection is not an obligatory aspect, as all its basic functions can be managed without it.


With smart electronic devices taking over the market, the smart remote app for Android has become vital and are increasingly getting dominance over traditional remotes. Peel being the market best, undoubtedly has more and secured features to offer its users. In a contemporary hectic lifestyle, such a smart, comprehensive, and easy assistance is genuinely proving to be a boon. It manages all the expectations skilfully right from furnishing the best entertainment experience to serving the users’ customization requirements.

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