Smartphones to Control Your Homes

Reuse Your Old Smartphones to Control Your Homes

Mobile phone continues to upgrade. It’s not only about calls, message, social media and GPS. A smartphone offers numerous benefits in everyday life. The list of benefits continues to grow longer by the day. In every few days, there is a new phone getting launched. Of course, it’s one of the reasons we change our phone and opt for an upgraded one. However, the primary reason to replace the phone is that the average lifespan of a phone is around 4-5 years and after that its performance deteriorates.

And what happens to the old phone? We generally sell them off or discontinue using them altogether. But do you know there is a better use of your old phone than selling it for a few grands? You can control your appliances using them through smart apps.

Want to learn more? Here are a few apps that make your phone more valuable than you think.

Philips Hue

We get our home interiors done according to our tastes and preferences. How good it would be a lighting system in the same manner, adjustable according to the mood? Well, Philips Hue can do that for you! It’ll just use your phone.

If you have Hue lights in your home, you can organise and control lights in individual rooms using the Philips Hue app. Whether you want to relax, work, party or watch TV, the app gives you all the lighting arrangement options you can think of. After all, it gives you 16 million colour options to choose from.

Additionally, it’s location-based capabilities can identify when you reach home or leaving and turn the light on or off accordingly. You can also use your voice to control lights. Now, darkness isn’t a challenge.


Are have planning to sell your old iPhone? You may want to think again. Manything can enable it to be effective surveillance for your home.

Manything is an iOS app using which you can turn your iPhone or iPod into a security camera and be on top of all the activities happening around your house. It has smart motion sensors and which can turn on other devices upon motion alerts and your preferred setting. You can further adjust its settings for specific detection areas and camera sensitivity. Using its own IFTTT, Manything can be integrated with several web services and home appliances.

It’s easy to download and share the videos recorded on this simple-to-set-up app. You can also see them remotely on your phone.


Leveraging infrared and Wi-fi technologies, this universal remote can control over 9,00,000 devices including TV, AC, lights, smart locks, camera etc. through your phone, and hence can easily replace almost all your physical remotes with a single handheld device.

One of the most interesting features in Anymote is macros. Macros allow you to send separate commands to multiple devices through a single tap on your phone screen. Similarly, the app can automate tasks so that you don’t even have to interact with devices. Once the setting is done, your TV won’t wait for you to mute it when you receive a phone call.

You can also control devices using voice commands to the app. Anymote is compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Peel Smart Remote App

One of the widely used remotes apps, Peel remote for Android is loaded with intelligent features, especially for home entertainment. Peel TV guide features lets you know what’s trending and what you recently watched. It also helps you find programmes by genre or category. You can even use the app to schedule your watchlist for the entire week ahead so that you don’t miss your favourite shows. Besides this, Peel remote control’s intelligent voice-recognition can understand the context of your spoken command and perform the action.

Peel IR remote is compatible with over 150 home electronics brand and more than 4,00,000 devices. Also, it can group controls of various appliances so that you can operate all of them with a single command. Now you can turn off all appliances at home and activate smart lock simply using your old Android phone.

Remote apps turn your phone from smart to smarter by adding yet another role to their portfolio of application. So, if you’re planning to buy a new phone, instead of disowning the old one, why not put it to some use, like as the single remote for your smartphone?  

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