Smart remote app vs Universal remote control: What should you choose?

Smart remote app vs Universal remote control: What should you choose?

Let’s begin with a simple question!

Do you have a TV at your home? 

If yes, how do you operate it? Most probably, you would say with a remote! Do you have any other appliances at your home that needs remote? You may have a separate remote for set-top box, music system, play station, air conditioner, and what not! You must have taken a wrong remote in your hand innumerable times to operate a device. You must have wished for a single remote that works for all devices. Well, we do have universal remotes since quite a long now. However, most of us are not using it. Well, there’s a reason behind it. It makes everything quite complex. It does not serve the purpose. 

In this smart age, with constantly evolving technologies, we have mobile apps for everything. Yes, you guessed it right! We have it for remote controls too. A lot of people are confused while making a choice between smart remote app and universal remote control. Well, we know the smart remote app is far better than anything else. However, let us take a look at all the factors one by one and compare both for you to make it easy to take a decision.

The three factors that we are going to take a look are the 3 ‘C’s. They are Cost, Convenience and Computability.

  • Cost: 

No matter how many features and benefits you get from any product, what matters the most to us at the end of the day is its cost. It all depends on whether it is affordable to us or not and whether it is worth its price. So, there may be some cheaper options for universal remote controls, but the top-end remotes cost high. No matter how cheap universal remote control you opt for, it is still going to be expensive as compared to that of the smart remote app, as there are some smart remote apps which are totally free available on Play Store. So, it is quite obvious that if you are trying something new, you would want to try the free version before investing money in it. So, the smart remote app is the clear winner as far as cost is concerned. 

  • Convenience:

With the smart remote app, you can sit on your couch and control all the devices in all your rooms even without getting up. Moreover, it comes with so many features that make your life comfortable and convenient. The smart remote app comes with program listing guide so that you know what is going to be telecasted. It gives you recommendations based on your previous searches and watches. This saves your time and reduces your screen time. You can tap on a thumbnail on the home screen and read the synopsis to know about the program. You can do all of these even without switching the TV on. Well, universal remote controls cannot do most of these. It is thus proved that smart remote apps are more convenient than universal remotes.

  • Compatibility:

When it comes to compatibility, mobile applications are built in a way that they work well with almost all the major devices and brands so that no matter which brand’s appliances you are using at your home, the app works with all of them. Also, smart remote applications are compatible with all the smart gadgets like Alexa. The same is not the case with universal remote control. Moreover, you never know when the brand whose universal remote control you are using stops working. You may not get the manufacturer support then. Considering all of these, the mobile app seems better option here too.

What about battery life? If some may ask…

The only factor in which some people might argue that universal remote control is better than the smart remote app is ‘battery life’. Some might come up with a point that batteries of universal remote controls last long, whereas smartphones get discharged so soon. Well, in this smart age, we cannot stay away from our smartphones even for half an hour at once. So, it is assumed that we keep our phones charged up all the time. Considering the same, there should not be any issue as far as the battery is concerned.

The key takeaway

Now that you know the smart remote app is a clear winner, let us tell you more about it. One such smart remote app is Peel remote control. Peel is one of the best smart remote applications today that is extremely user-friendly. It gives your comfort and convenience, and at the same time upgrades your lifestyle. The app lets you control all your devices using your smartphone. And all of these for free. Yes, you can download this app from Play Store free. So, what are you waiting for? It is definitely worth trying!

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