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Stop and Think Before You Uninstall Peel Smart Remote from Your Phone

If you are a user of any of universal remote apps, you would probably agree that such apps are a revolutionary invention. Remember the days when you’d have to juggle with multiple remotes to operate various devices?

At the very basic level of convenience, you don’t have to look for the misplaced or lost remote every now and then anymore. Besides, having to change the remote battery is not your concern anymore. It’s fun to have all the controls on your smartphone. Isn’t it?

In particular, when it comes to watching TV, smart remote apps have transformed the experience altogether. With a simple tap on or swipe across the screen, you can conveniently operate the TV and jump to your favourite channel.

There are several smart remote apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. And the most Popular of them is Peel. Not only is it a user-friendly app with a lot of interesting features, but it’s also quite cost-effective.

What is Peel remote control for TV?

Peel is a smart remote app which enables you to control a number of smart devices and appliances, and in particular – your TV. It uses the infrared blaster in your Android and makes it a smart remote for controlling multiple devices. In the absence of an IR-blaster, it can utilise your Wi-Fi network, provided you have a smart TV with Wi-Fi capabilities and both your TV and smartphone are on the same network.

It doesn’t require an additional hardware and you can get it for free. You only need to have an Android phone or tablet.

Are you considering uninstalling Peel smart remote app?

Are you planning to remove the Peel app from your phone based on any difficulty or an unfavourable experience?

Before doing that, you may want to share your concern with the Peel customer help centre so that they can provide you with a better solution and help you fix the issue. Also, you don’t have to miss out on volumes of Peel advantages, some of which are as below.

  • Rich interface:

    Peel has a rich graphical interface which is optimised for an enhanced tablet experience. Besides enabling you to perform basic controls of a remote, it also lets you customise the menu by rearranging the buttons.

  • TV watching assistance:

    On the front screen of the Peel app, you see several colourful thumbnails for TV programmes. Long-press on any thumbnail and you’ll get the synopsis of that programme. So, searching for a movie you would like is a matter of the past. You can simply tap on a thumbnail and you’re watching the movie already.

Moreover, as you interact more with the app, the thumbnails will start to get closer to your preferred genre and type.

  • Complete TV guide:

    With Peel smart TV app, you don’t have to keep a note of an upcoming TV show. Peel is a comprehensive TV guide which shows you the schedule of upcoming shows. It also enables you to record or set a reminder to watch them. Additionally, you can schedule TV programmes for the entire week ahead using Peel.

These are a few of the numerous Peel advantages. You may want to consider them as well before considering to uninstall Peel smart remote.

Alright, but why do I have to see ads?

Peel strives to deliver a seamless experience to you and offer matchless features. At the same time, the app’s controls, IR codes, programme guide information, video streaming etc. require a significant amount of investment. Since Peel doesn’t want to pass on these expenses to its users, it generates funds for this investment through ads. However, it tries to keep the placement and repetition of the ads to a minimum.

But if you want to get rid of having to watch ads entirely, Peel gives you’re an option of a paid subscription which comes at a small fee.

So, if the thought of uninstalling Peel smart remote crossed your mind, you may want to explore all the advantages the app has to offer and leverage its features to enhance your TV watching experience. By uninstalling the app, you’ll be missing out on a lot of benefits that Peel provides you with, at free of cost, or at a nominal fee.

And if you have any doubts, questions or concerns pertaining to the Peel smart remote app, or you want any clarification regarding it, you can always write at The concerned team will get back to you with a solution at the earliest opportunity.

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