Top 3 benefits of Peel smart remote app over home automation devices

Top 3 benefits of Peel smart remote app over home automation devices

Just before a couple of decades, none of us would have ever imagined a smart gadget; be it a smartphone, smart TV, smart lights, smart remote or anything smart. People were not used to automation so much. Today, people consider it their basic necessity. We are in an age wherein no one can stay away from their smartphones. Can you keep a track of how many times you unlock your phone in 24 hours? Can you note how many times you did it just out of curiosity or habit? Smartphones have become our companion. We use it even while we do not need it. This is a smart age wherein everyone wants to constantly be on social media or chat with someone or do anything on their phone.

In this modern world, most of us want to leverage the latest technologies. Everyone wants to strive hard to keep up with the competition. No one wants to be left behind. People are turning their homes into smart homes by investing into everything smart; smart television, smart air conditioners, smart music system, smart door lock system, smart home entertainment system., smart lights, smart security system – everything smart. The list is endless! We are inclined towards it, as it makes our lives convenient and secure. However, they are so expensive that not everyone can afford them.

Peel Technologies has come up with an offering that redefines this space – it is innovative, yet inexpensive. It is a remote app named Peel. It is a smartphone TV remote app that can control the entire home entertainment system at your home in the most economical manner. Let us look at some of the benefits of using Peel smartphone TV remote app over expensive home automation devices.

  1. Smarter, Cheaper, More convenient

One of the best things about Peel smartphone TV remote app is that it lets you control all the devices at your home from your smartphone. Imagine you just came to your living room and sat down on your couch to watch TV. After a minute, you suddenly remember you forgot to switch off the lights in your bedroom. You can use Peel to switch off the lights even without getting up from your couch. Moreover, this smartphone TV remote app has a user-friendly interface which helps you navigate through an entire app in an easy manner. In short, Peel smart remote app is an inexpensive way to live your life in a smarter way and makes your life more comfortable.

  1. Sets multiple devices across the home by one tap

Peel smartphone TV remote app is an expensive, yet effective application that takes your comfort level to the next level. It is not just about switching on and off the devices. There are a lot more things that you can do with the app. Imagine a weekend afternoon scenario, wherein you want the main door locked, your bedroom AC set to 22 degrees, lights of all the rooms to be switched off except for the dim lights of your bedroom. If you want this for almost all the weekends, it will be too much for you to do it separately. With Peel smartphone TV remote app, you can do all these just with one tap. How convenient is that!

  1. Compatible with multiple devices

If you like the idea of getting everything done at the comfort of your couch, but you are wondering if the appliances at your home will work with Peel, here is the thing. Peel smartphone TV remote app supports a long list of devices. It can work with around 150 brands of your home appliances. So, there is hardly a chance that Peel smart remote app will not work with your devices.

The Final Word

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits of Peel smartphone TV remote app, there is one more capability that it has and it is undoubtedly one of the best features for the people residing in the USA. The app has a unique voice recognition capability. So, now all you have to do is order and it will be done. And, the most important thing is, you can get all of these for free. All you have to do is download Peel from the Play Store and you are good to go. So, download it today!

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