Top 7 benefits of Peel smart remote app

Top 7 benefits of Peel smart remote app

Well, remember those days when we used to fight with our siblings for remote or try to search remote everywhere in the house making the whole house a mess. We used to wish “What if I had one remote for all devices?”. Then, there was a phase when we had one universal remote for all our devices. However, as the number of devices kept on increasing, the complexity of using a universal remote increased too. 

Today, with the advent of smart technologies, we have the luxury of controlling all devices through our smartphones using apps. One such app is Peel remote control which is a smart remote app for Android that transforms your entertainment experience to a completely another level. 

This smart remote app for Android is extremely user-friendly. It turns your home into a smart home and helps you increase your comfort and convenience. You can control all the devices through your smartphone even without getting up from your couch. It is definitely a great thing to have on the phone as you won’t have to look for all these remotes but just your phone. Peel smart remote app is one of the most recommended apps by its users. It successfully connects to all the devices at home without any problems.

Peel remote app for Android brings along innumerable benefits. Let’s go through some of the important ones here…

  1. Easy to use

Peel remote app is easily available on the Play Store. You can simply download and configure any device of your choice with the help of a guide. It is so easy to use that any person of any age group can make use of this smart remote app on their Android phones.

  1. Multi-device compatible

Everyday we use so many appliances like TV, AC, music system, set-top box, video games, etc. This smart remote app for Android enables you to use all your devices simply after configuring it. Peel remote control app not only allows you to control your TV but also lets you browse through what is being broadcasted on other channels without even changing the channel. It gives you a synopsis of what is being telecasted on other channels without missing on anything which is being played currently. Amazing, isn’t it? 

  1. Comfortable and convenient

This smart remote app for Android is boon for those people who have been searching for ages to come across one single solution for all of the devices. People are getting more inclined towards automation, convenience, comfort, and security is increasing. With all these expectations, Peel remote app absolutely plays a foolproof role. It is not only compatible with 150 brands but also lets you control more than 4 L devices. Do you know what is the best part about it? Well, all of these at zero cost.

  1. Group control for multiple devices 

Imagine you are going out for a vacation. You already started and don’t seem to remember if you have switched off all the lights. You have no idea if you have switched the set-top box off. Well, now Peel remote app is to the rescue. You can group all the actions pertaining to all devices and club it to make it one action. Just one touch and everything is under your control. Well, it cannot get more convenient!

  1. Smart recommendations save time

This smart remote app for Android not only works on your fingertips but also provides you the list of programs based on your choices. This brilliant inbuilt guide system gives you smart recommendations based on your previous choices in the form of thumbnails. Just tap on whichever you want to watch and enjoy!

  1. Cost-Effective 

Set up of high-tech products usually involves high cost and maintenance can cost you a leg, but this smart remote control app comes with zero cost and no maintenance at all. Now, this is something everyone would wish for!

  1. Voice recognition

This is a bonus feature offered to the users in the United States, where, Peel smart remote app lets you do all actions without even touching your phone. All you have to do is just ‘ask’ the app to perform any activity; be it increasing or lowering the volume, playing your favorite show or switching the TV on or off. 


Peel remote control is one of the most popular and highly-used applications across the globe. It transforms your home entertainment experience by taking comfort and convenience to the next level. The app is developed with an intention to make users life easy in terms of controlling all devices through one single app and converting your home into a smart home. So, what are you waiting for? Go! leverage it right now!

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