Personal Home Assistant with Peel Remote App

Transform Your Phone into the Best Personal Home Assistant with Peel Remote App

Do you ever wonder what if you could also control electronic devices through your phone? Wouldn’t that be fun? It would be a remote without the need for battery replacement and risk of getting lost anywhere. Plus, you wouldn’t have to literally juggle with so many remote while operating various appliances.

Well, it is possible now through remote control apps. There are plenty to intelligent apps in the market today that use infrared or Wi-fi technology and turn your phone into a smart remote. The most popular among them is Peel remote for Android phones.

Peel is an app which in addition to controlling a wide range of devices and appliances, understands its user and provides a personalised experience. Following are the key advantages that make it an excellent personal assistant for your home.

Peel remote app is a sophisticated universal remote control.

With all the technological evolution happening all over the world, home electronics domain isn’t untouched. Our home appliances are getting digital and smarter too. The list of remote-controlled ones is only becoming longer by the day. A typical living room can have different types of remotes for TV, set-top box, AC, home theatre, media player, gaming console and so on. And Peel is able to control all of them.

The app can work with more than 150 brands of home electronics and supports over 4,00,000 types of devices and appliances including smart locks, lighting, camera etc.   

It gives you a smarter TV watching experience.

The major application of Peel is in the TV and home entertainment space. Besides offering all basic controls of a TV remote, it allows you to customise buttons. It provides an elegant interface with neatly placed thumbnails. These thumbnails are nothing but personalised recommendations from Peel based on your viewing history which continue to get accurate with each interaction.

Peel’s TV programme guide feature shows you trending or upcoming TV programmes. Also, you can use the app to find programmes by specific category or genre and find its synopsis, and you can do all this without changing channels.

You can also schedule your favourite TV programmes in advance through Peel TV remote. It will send you a reminder when a scheduled show is going to be on TV so that you don’t miss it.

Operate multiple appliances using a single tap.

As you must have realised by now that Peel replaces all the remote of separate appliances and replaces them with your phone. While this does make life convenient, this isn’t all. You can even control a series of devices with a single tap on your phone screen.

When you integrate several devices with Peel remote control, you may think it will require tapping separately to control devices individually. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Peel lets you create custom remote combinations for multiple devices, allowing you to group controls for them and operate all of them simultaneously. Home assistance has just got more intelligent with Peel.

You can now talk to your devices.

One of the interesting features in Peel smart remote is intelligent voice-recognition capabilities. This technology is especially beneficial for TV users since it not only accepts vocal commands to control devices but also understands the hints and cues in the command. For example, you can only tell it the star cast or any other key details of a movie and the app can show you the result.

Voice technology makes Peel home assistance even more effective. Once you start using it, you may not want to go back to the way you control your appliances at present.

And guess how much you have to spend on all these features – absolutely nothing! Peel is a free app which doesn’t even require additional equipment to run. You only need an Android phone with IR-blaster or appliances with Wi-fi capabilities. Just find the app on Google Play Store, install it on your phone and follow and easy set-up process.

Now compare Peel IR remote with a traditional home automation system which involves expensive equipment and devices, and a complex set-up process. And above that, you need technical expertise for installation as well as repair. But with Peel, you yourself are the programmer. Do you see how much money you save there?

So, if you aren’t using this app already, why not give it a try and see for yourself how Peel transforms the way you control appliances and devices at your home.

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