Turn your Android phone into a universal TV remote control in 6 easy steps

Turn your Android phone into a universal TV remote control in 6 easy steps

The world has witnessed exceptional growth in technology lately. The invention of new technologies is silently bridging the gap between humans and machines. Such technological innovations have completely transformed our lifestyle, only to make it even more sophisticated. The idea behind building any technology is to make everything easy for us. One such innovation is a smartphone TV remote app, using which you can control your home entertainment devices with your smartphone.

Throw your remotes away!

Gone are the days when we had a remote for everything; one for the television; one for the setup box; one of the music players; one of the televisions; one of the LED lights and so on. Today is the time when we have an app for everything, literally! In fact, we have a single app that can control all home entertainment devices, making our lives easier than ever.

Turn your home into a smart home by controlling your television, music player, lights and every device straight from your smartphone with the power of your voice. How amazing it sounds! This can actually happen using a smartphone TV remote app.

Peel Smart Remote App – Download. Control. Relax.

Peel Smart Remote app is a universal remote application to control your home appliances using your smartphone. This remote application completely transforms your home entertainment experience, by letting you control your television with your smartphone. It is easy to set up and use, has a smart screen lock, gives smart show recommendations based on our previous choices, personalizes and customizes the content for us, notifies to remind us of our favorite shows and follows our instructions using a voice assistant. In short, it is an all-in-one smartphone TV remote app for us to sit back, relax and enjoy our favorite content on television.

Now that you know what (Features) and why (Benefits) of the Peel Smart Remote app, let us dig into how (Process).

How to use Peel Smart Remote App – The process

Peel Smart Remote app is one of the easiest applications to use and it uses the in-built IR blaster which is available only in a few smartphones. Thus, let us first take a look at the process of using the Peel smart remote app in the smartphones that do not have IR blaster.

Using Wi-Fi

Here is the step-by-step process of using the Peel smart remote app using Wi-Fi:

  • Download the application

The first step to turn your smartphone into a universal remote is to download the right Peel Smart Remote app on your Android phone from Google Play.

  • Choose your TV provider

As you open the app, the first step would be to choose your TV service provider. However, you must choose your region and other qualifiers, and then you get the list of TV service providers to choose from. Now that you are already within the app, you can start linking your devices to it.

  • Switch on the Wi-Fi

To link any device to your smartphone, you will have to first enable the Wi-Fi on all the devices that you want to sync to the network, the application and to the phone; whether it is television, setup box, music player, air conditioner, lights.

  • Connect devices to Peel

Once all the devices that you want to sync are on the same network, you can start connecting them up to the Peel Smart Remote app. To do that, tap on the remote icon which will be there in the lower right corner of your screen and it will look for devices. If it does not find any device on the network, the app lets you choose the options to sync together. Once you sync it, you can control everything in that room which is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android phone.

  • Set up a room

In this smartphone TV remote app, the devices are organized in rooms. You can edit and manage it from the Settings. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner and go to Room and Remotes. Scroll down to add new rooms. You can add the name of your choice and also edit the names of existing rooms. You can view all the information about the devices in that room.

  • Good to go

Now that you have your rooms set, click on the remote icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and get a list of controls for all the compatible devices of the room that you are in.

Using IR Blaster

If your phone has an IR Blaster, use the following process:

  1. Download the app from Google Play
  2. Select the TV brand/ other devices that you want to connect
  3. Turn the device on by pointing your smartphone towards that device and tap the power button
  4. Once the buttons are set up, you can use your phone to control your TV

The Final Word

A multitude of apps can make your phone slow; so why not download one universal smartphone TV remote app that helps you control all your devices? Just follow the above mentioned step-by-step process for using the Peel smart remote app and you are good to go!

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