What are the alternatives of the age-old remote controls?

What are the alternatives of the age-old remote controls?

Not everyone prefers a product for the same reason. What may be great for many, may see to be mediocre for some. So, if you aren’t impressed with age-old remote control of your TV and are willing to explore the alternatives, this post can serve your purpose.

TV remote controls have been around since the 1950s and called as ‘flashmatic’. If you ask your grandfather about the first TV remote, they may just remember the wired TV remotes that would pump up kids. As times goes by, there were the remotes that operated fine as long as you pointed them at the sensor correctly.

But today, we are here to talk about how TV remote controls are now on the verge of extinction and the need for new ways to control the TV.

Peel Smart Remote app for TV and other devices

It’s common for everyone who has a TV with a remote has lost it, fought over it, slapped it on the back, or waved it in different directions to make it work. With Peel, You can control your TV with your Android phone.

That’s not it; Peel allows you to consolidate multiple remotes into one and make your TV watching experience vibrant, controlled and more enhanced. In Peel, you have access to the TV program guide and you could view and create a list of your favorite channels or shows.

It uses built-in IR blaster in your Android phone to connect with your TV or STB. Even if you don’t have IR blaster on your phone,  the developers of Peel figured a way to use the wi-fi capabilities of your device to control.

When you can control your TV with your voice with Peel, why would you ever want to go back to the remote control, that too a separate one for all your devices, seems a little too outdated?

Universal Remotes

If you think of it, remote controls are coming towards extinction and with the recent technological advancements, you can control your devices with hand gestures. You can do it by installing apps like Peel or investing in elegant tech systems for your smart homes.

With Universal remotes, you can be synced with multiple devices and can manage them all simultaneously. So, for your multiple devices like TV, Blu-Ray player and even intelligent home appliances, you can just use one remote.

Universal remote offers remote consolidation, macro commands, glow-in-the-dark features, etc. However,  if you’re looking for a universal remote that can control all of your electronics’ complex functions, a basic one likely won’t cut it. You need an advanced one. Before you buy a universal remote, you may need to examine what you hope to get out of the purchase.

Smart Remote Apps

This is probably the most convenient remote option on this list. Smart remote apps like Peel can let you manage all your devices which need a remote control with one Android phone which you already have. All you need to do is download one such app on your smartphone and just configure it to work with your TV and voila!

Smart remote apps directly connect with devices, changing your phone into a smart remote. They even offer an easy interface of remotes which you can further change based on your needs. 

The possibilities are endless with IR remote apps. Peel is free and very simple to use. The choice is yours. Have one free app in your phone or have multiple remotes lying around your sofa in the folds of your sheets.

Final Thoughts

We talked about how remote controls are on the brink of extinction. All because they are now being replaced by Universal remotes and Smart Remote Apps. Alas, due to the technology advancements, Devices are becoming smart and moving beyond your old remote controls is the right thing to do.

The age-old remote controls can’t let you view or recommend shows or even schedule your favorite shows.  You can do all this, with Peel program guide. Although you can gesture control the devices, using an app is an easiest and cheapest way to get an alternative which manages devices altogether. 

How is having different remotes for different devices sensible when you have Peel which can do everything they do and even more. Peel is free. Feel free to download it from here

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