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What the Latest Version of Peel Smart Remote has to Offer.

Peel is one of the most used universal remote apps today. Using the IR-blaster of your Android phone, Peel remote app turns it into a smart remote app which can control a variety of devices, including almost all leading brands of TVs and air conditioners. Additionally, it’s compatible with more than 600 set-top boxes available in the country.

Peel app is equipped with several innovative remote benefits which include TV guide, TV watching assistance, and an optimised interface for Android tablets. Besides, it also allows you to share your watchlist with your friends on social media and see theirs.

The revamped version of Peel smart remote app

There has been a change, or rather a transformation in the way the users consume entertainment content. That’s why Peel has come up with the latest version of the app with advanced features. These new features aim to keep up with the evolving preference of the users and deliver a more delightful TV watching experience to them.

The new features of Peel smart remote app for Android also include a much-refined interface which allows for a more convenient app use and a simple browsing. It makes navigation even simpler and helps the users easily switch between channels and perform all remote functions. Let’s look at the major features in the revamped app.

Addition of streaming channels

TV viewers have moved ahead from watching what their cable operators provide. Source of content isn’t a concern at all. The internet has evolved the nature of content-viewing. There has been a growing tendency among people to explore and engage with online channels like Netflix and YouTube. They’re now turning towards streaming channels in order to watch what’s currently there on the TV. Considering this, Peel enables them to do so by providing them with a wide range of shows and movies on YouTube and Netflix.

Peel has especially kept the interests and preferences of Indian viewers while adding more capabilities. It looks to add more streaming channels in days to come to enhance the variety of TV programmes for the users. It plans to give the viewers access to a number of programmes including web series, news channels, movies etc. in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. And like the previous version, it keeps a track of viewer preferences, likes and dislikes. This feature, coupled with the fine-tuned version of the app, will deliver an unprecedented TV watching experience to the app users.

Introduction of voice control

Another great offering of the evolved Peel app is its voice-control features. It’s one of  the few apps in the market that provide you with voice-recognition controls. Currently available only in US and Korea, voice control ensures greater ease to use the app.

Voice recognition enables you to run all the controls on your TV simple asking the Peel app. Not only can you ask it to turn on or off the TV, adjust volume, change channels, switch to cable mode etc., but you can also give it spoken commands to run a variety of functions, including the TV guidance. So, you just have to tell the app the genre or type of the programme and it’ll display all available show listings.

What’s makes it quite fascinating of Peel is that in addition to following your voice, it also understands the context of your commands. Hence, even if you don’t know the name of the show you’re looking for, you can input other cues like names of the actors, director, the plot of the movie/show etc. The app will browse the synopses of all the available shows and come back with the options within no time.

When compared to typing long names in search, voice control is surely a more advanced and highly convenient offering. However, this addition from Peel is only available in limited countries as of now.

With a growing adoption of the Peel remote app among Android users, Peel has tied up with several phone manufacturers. There are many Android phones in the market today that come with Peel smart remote app preloaded.

If you have more questions about the revamped version of Peel universal remote app, or you want any clarifications regarding it, feel free to write at with details of your query.

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