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What to do When Your Peel Smart Remote App is not Working?

Peel is the most popular and widely used universal remote apps today. It uses the IR-blaster and Wi-Fi capabilities of your Android phone and turns it into a smart remote which can control your TV and a series of smart devices at your home and office.

It’s a simple-to-install and user-friendly app with a rich graphical interface. In addition to performing all basic controls of TV, it enhances the experience with an intelligent TV guide feature.

But what if you’ve installed the app and realised your Peel smart remote is not working. Here are a few steps you can take to fix the issue.

Firstly, check if your phone is compatible with the Peel app.

Peel smart TV remote utilises the IR blaster in an Android phone to equip it with remote control capabilities. The app sends remote codes through the IR blaster so that you can operate your TV, set-top box and other smart devices through your phone.

However, if your phone doesn’t have IR features, it isn’t compatible with the app. As an alternative, you can use the Wi-Fi network of your home to use Peel. For that, you need a Wi-Fi enabled TV which is on the same network as your phone is. Here is a list of all the IR-enabled phones.

Test if Peel app is not working because of IR

It may be primarily because of the failure or unavailability of IR-blasters in your phone. So, the first recommended step would be to check if that’s the case. For this, you’ll need another phone with a front camera, in addition to the phone on which the app is installed. Open the front camera of the second phone as well as the app on the first one, point the IR blaster towards the camera and tap any remote function. If you see a purple light on the camera, the IR blaster is fine.

What if you can’t control devices with the app

If you’re unable to control the devices even after successfully configuring them, you may want to set them up again. To do this, go to the application manager, find and select “Peel Smart Remote” and clear cache and data. After this, force stop the app. Once this done, go back in the app and reset your devices.

What to do if the remote buttons are not working

After you’ve downloaded the app and set it up according to the app guidance, you’ll need to point your phone towards the TV or the device you want to control with it and tap the buttons to confirm if the remote is functional.

If you realise that certain buttons are not functioning, Peel helps you troubleshoot the problem. You just have to scroll down the remote screen and find the button “Troubleshoot Remote”. After this, tap on the buttons you have the difficulty with and go ahead with further tests. The problem should be solved immediately.

So, before you wonder if there is a virus in Peel smart remote or consider removing it, try the steps above. If the challenge persists, you can go to the Help Page or write to with the details of the issue. The team will get back to you at the soonest.

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