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Why the need to reduce the time spent on futile things is more than ever now

Work schedules are becoming tighter and stealing time for recreational activities such as watching TV becomes difficult sometimes. In such a case, spending time on futile things can become really frustrating. For example, spending 15 minutes to prepare before you can watch a 30-min TV programme.

This blog highlights a few areas wherever Peel remote app can reduce the number of futile tasks everyday, or in manufacturing terms, make your recreational activities “lean”. Here is how.

TV Guide

Besides letting you explore programmes by genre, Peel helps you check the schedule of your favourite TV programmes on your phone screen, and you don’t even have to turn on the TV for this. So, there is no need to sit in front of TV pressing hard the keypad of a plastic remote.

It also allows you to customize the channel menu according to your preference. So, you can switch to the show with a simple tap on the screen.

Peel remote’s TV guide feature especially comes as a great advantage for users, especially the ones with tight routines. They can use this feature to prepare their watch-list for a whole one week ahead. Also, the app sends them a reminder if any show from that watchlist is going to be on TV soon so they don’t end up missing it.

Put together, the TV guide feature prevents them from playing with remote buttons and having to waste time unnecessarily every time they want to watch TV.

Searching for remote

Let’s not deny, remotes get lost or misplaced more often than not. And it takes some time to locate them and bring them to work. If you have multiple devices that are controlled by their respective remote-control, the situation obviously is worse. You’ll have to multiply the number with the inconvenience and the amount of time you have to spend due to the issue mentioned above. It sums to acquire a significant amount.

Peel remote control app eliminates that problem. A phone is something you always keep around for taking or making calls, sending messages, checking news etc. That means all that unnecessary waste of time can be reduced, if not eliminated, using a small universal remote. This means the chances of your smart remote control getting lost are grim. And even if it does, you just have to make a call. Clearly, it’s time-saving, isn’t it?

Browsing channels

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you aren’t sure what to watch on TV. You take the remote and start browsing channels one by one and again jumping back to the main menu. By the time you find something which may interest you, some time is already gone. Why not go directly to the programme you would like? With Peel TV app, you can do that.

The app tracks your preference over time and makes recommendations by the genre or type of programme you prefer watching. The more you interact with it, the more precise its recommendation will be.

The recommendations are shown on the home screen of the app in form of colourful thumbnails. A long press on the thumbnail pops open the synopsis of the show. So, no time spending on channel hunting!

Voice control

It’s evident that other than being more sophisticated and convenient, the Peel remote is far faster than your traditional plastic remote. However, Peel has recently introduced even smarter features in the app to enhance the experience of the users and one of them is voice-recognition.

In addition to smoothly running all the general commands, Peel app is also able to understand the context behind the complex ones. This means even if you don’t know the name of a TV programme, you don’t have to spend time recalling it. Just enter cues like cast, storyline, director etc. and Peel will come up with the closest matches it can find.

Similarly, you can just ask the app to turn on the AC for you or play your favourite number on your smart music system.

The conclusion is…

With a wide range of intelligent features and ability to offer native support for more than 400,000 devices, Peel surely presents a new-age remote-control experience. Considering evolving urban trends and lifestyle, Peel puts an end to an age-old time-consuming technology.

It is aimed at helping you make the most of your leisure time. That means your TV watching time now would be only spent on watching TV.

If you want to know more about how Peel smart remote app helps in cutting down recreational futilities, write to

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