Why the need to reduce the time spent on futile things is more than ever now

Work schedules are becoming tighter and stealing time for recreational activities such as watching TV becomes difficult sometimes. In such a case, spending time on futile things can become really frustrating. For example, spending 15 minutes to prepare before you can watch a 30-min TV programme. This blog highlights a few areas wherever Peel remote […]

Peel Remote: The Only Smart Remote You Will Ever Need

Devices are becoming smarter. Convenience is on the rise. Human intervention is reducing. Everything is going digital and almost all the appliances today come with a remote. While this makes things comfortable for us, can you imagine how many remote you’ll have to deal with if you’re sitting in a room with several smart appliances? […]

Complete Guide: How to Use Peel Smart Remote App for Your Entertainment

Gone are the days when you were forced to manage working with multiple remotes to operate your TV, set-top box, home theatre, media streaming etc. Today, universal smart remote apps are making life easier by letting people operate several devices and appliances around their house by only using one remote. And the most popular of […]

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