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Are Remote Controls Becoming Obsolete?

The iconic remote search for the television just before an important game or an awaited episode of one’s favorite TV Series has troubled every single person on the face of earth at some point of time or other. With the technology boom, the number of devices in an average home has increased and so have the number of remotes. An inseparable part of the modern lifestyle, half a dozen remotes and their magic abilities to disappear out of sight and reach every other day is a regular tragedy.

The experimentation with physical universal remotes and their complicated interfaces haven’t been of much help either. These remotes flooded the market, but the endless mashing of buttons with no definite response from the devices made them more of a problem than actual help.

So will every individual continue to be defeated by the remotes that outnumber them? Will the tragic and badly timed ‘remote searches’ continue to come in the way of entertainment? Thankfully not!

Universal Remote Apps: Remotes that actually work!

The answer to the remote troubles is right in your pocket! The smartphone that lies idle in your pocket can be the solution to your ‘lost remote’ woes and with added functionalities. Sounds fun, right?

All you have to do is download one such app from the Google Play Store and control the devices around you seamlessly. Just point and play, it’s that simple!

These apps make life much easier by increasing accessibility of remotes and helping with features that make the experience richer and more fulfilling. For example, with an app you could create a list of your favorite channels or for that matter, receive recommendations for shows based on your viewing history. The idea of the physical remote seems more and more cumbersome and dull when one understands the vast array of fun thing an app based universal remote can do!

Peel Smart Remote, for example, is one of the most popular of universal remote apps that transforms your phone into a single platform to connect your TV, Set top Box, music system, AC and more, all at one go. Loving the idea?

Why not a physical remote?

Well, keeping the ‘getting lost’ part aside; physical remotes are inching towards complete obsoleteness. They will be a thing of past within a decade or so and the customers will use their phones with apps like Peel Universal Remote to surf through channels and operate their smart devices. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The devices around us are becoming smart. They can now be connected via WiFi or Infrared (IR), and overtime, physical remotes will just be rendered useless. A smarter way will be to use mobile app based remotes, just like the Peel IR Remote.
  2. The need for better features will trump physical remotes. A physical remote cannot track your usage or simply help you schedule your TV watching hours. Peel TV remote app brings features like these and many more to the table, slowly sidelining physical remotes!
  3. User friendly technology is gaining popularity and the mere fact that separate remotes for separate devices are not exactly an easy thing to maintain will slowly make them obsolete. No one likes to spend a chunk of their precious time on things that could be done in a much shorter time with ease.

Using Peel remote control: Making the best from it

The best solution to all our remote woes is Peel TV remote appwhich offers a very sophisticated, user friendly and detailed interface. It could be personalized as per your taste, but the basic use is pretty simple.

Using the built in IR blaster in your Android phone, the app instantly connects with devices you point to, transforming your phone into a remote. Offering organized viewing tabs with a much more interactive interface, the Peel Universal Remote is a marvel of technology designed to make your life fun and easy!

What more, this smart remote app uses intelligent smart tracking to help you with your viewing habits and also share your playlists on social media. What would you rather do — waste time searching for your remote which has been devoured by the couch or simply take out your phone and start watching TV with a highly personalized experience? We’re certainly not looking for remotes anymore.

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