Control all your home entertainment devices with Peel Smart Remote App

Control all your home entertainment devices with Peel Smart Remote App

With the rapid shift in technology advancement, smart technologies are tackling the new age problems and transforming the world like never before. Just a decade ago, who would have imagined that we can control the television, music players, speakers and LED lights in our house, all from an app on our phones? But today, the concept of universal app remote is not new. The technology has gained an immense amount of popularity; especially amongst the millennials.

Have you ever dreamed of controlling everything from a single device? With smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart agriculture, smart education, smart banking and everything else smart, we also have a smart remote app now that revolutionizes our home entertainment experience.

With a universal remote app, imagine the things you can do! You can take control over all the devices at your home using your smartphone. No more losing the remote in the sides of the couch or endless searching for it; no more confusion between different remotes, no more spending money behind batteries or cluttering the coffee table. A smart remote app makes your life easy and simple.

Peel Smart Remote App – What is it?

You must have heard about the Peel app by now! Just in case if you haven’t, Peel Smart Remote app is a revolutionary application that lets you control all the devices in your home through your Android phone. It is the only remote you will ever need. Peel Technologies has pushed the technological boundaries to provide you with a seamless entertainment experience at your home that you truly deserve after a long day at work.

Peel Smart Remote App is extremely easy to set up and easy to use. It automatically sets up in your device through WiFi which can then be controlled through IR. You can also set up remotes for your television and setup box and then use your smartphone to control them. This all-in-one remote has a rich graphical interface which makes it extremely easy for users to navigate through it.

Peel Smart Remote App – What you can do with it?

Peel’s smart remote app can change your life. Let us take a sneak-peek of some of the most exciting features of this universal remote control application.

  • Control anything and everything

Install this smart remote app on your Android phone now and gain access to control your television, setup box, music player, Blu-ray, Apple TV, audio system, and home appliances like air conditioners and heaters. Peel’s remote control application reliably controls all these devices using the built-in infrared IR blaster or WiFi on your smartphone.

  • Stay abreast of everything happening around

Peel’s smart remote app comes with a smart screen lock that keeps you updated with breaking news, weather updates, and horoscopes. You can also take a small break from your busy schedule and play a quick game for a while.

  • Get smart show recommendations

Finding what to watch just gets easier with Peel smart remote app’s amazing show recommendations. You get the TV guide listings in an extremely easy-to-navigate interface, based on your preferences. The smart remote app suggests the shows based on your past viewing behavior. So, the more you watch, the smarter it gets.

  • Set up as easy as 1.2.3.

Irrespective of your TV and set-top box brand, Peel works in a very simple and efficient manner. All you need to do is select your location from 110 different countries across the world. Choose your TV provider. Pair the app with all the electronic devices at your home.

  • Personalize and customize

Finding out your favorite content on television has never been easier. You can customize your Peel smart remote to select your favorite channels and shows. The app also lets you personalize your channel listing to match your local dish or cable provider.

  • Control it with your voice

One of the best features of the Peel Smart Remote app is the voice assistant. Peel has introduced this voice recognition capability to take your convenience to the next level. It can help you with the basic functions of your television; though this works with a few televisions. You can just ask it to do the basic things like ‘Decrease the volume to 8’ or ‘Switch off the television’. Also, if you are not able to recollect the name of the show or movie, you can give cues like name of the actors and ask the voice assistant. It will come up with relevant search results. How cool is that!

Voice Control is only available in some regions.

  • Get easy assistance

While operating the app, if you get stuck anywhere, you may visit the website and read the Frequently Asked Questions section.

The Final Word

With over 140 M registered users worldwide and 10 B smart remote commands a month, Peel, one of the most cost-effective remote apps in the market, has been serving customers in the best possible manner. It just gets better with each of its new updates, as its goal is to keep making the lives of people easier and more convenient than ever.

If you are yet to witness the happiness and comfort this app provides, make sure you download it at the earliest and take a step ahead in making your life king size. No more worrying about looking for your favorite shows or where your remotes are hiding or which remote belongs to which device. Just pick your phone, sit back on your couch and relax watching your favorite shows.

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