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Controlling Your Devices with Your Phone

As the technology evolves, home appliances and devices are becoming more intelligent. Soon, manual operating may be a thing of the past for most of them in a future not far from today. Several of them are already being controlled by remotes and smart technology.  Few examples are TV, air conditioner, refrigerator etc.

Imagine, in the future which we’re talking about here, there will be so many remotes on your coffee table. Won’t that be some significant inconvenience in itself? A universal remote solves this challenge by playing a unified solution for all devices simultaneously.

But a regular universal remote has certain limitations like battery charge issue, device compatibility and cost. Can’t there be a rather simple yet sophisticated remote control? Something like a phone? No, it’s not a sci-fi scenario. Not only is it possible, but it’s also happening. Peel smart remote app gives you that control right through your phone, something you use everyday.

Peel smart remote

It should be fair to say that Peel has been the most popular app in the TV remote segment over the last few years. Primarily in TV and home entertainment remote control segment, Peel has expanded its offerings and now entered into the smart home electronics space. All it requires is is an Android phone with IR capabilities to communicate with the appliances that can receive commands using IR beams.

However, if your phone doesn’t have IR features, the app uses the WiFi network on which your phone, as well as the electronic appliances are there.

Setting up the app is not a complex process. Just install it and sync it with all the devices you want to control using your phone.

Peel converts your phone into a universal remote whose functioning is no different from a regular plastic remote. Only that its interface provides a whole new experience with well-organized icons and neatly placed buttons.

What are the devices that Peel can control?

The list of devices Peel can support is long. There are many remote-controlled appliances that generally run on IR technology. These appliances include TVs, set-top boxes, air conditioner etc.

Peel IR remote supports all Samsung and HTC handsets that have IR-blasters. In fact, it comes pre-installed in several Android phones which are equipped with an IR-blaster. Other than them, it is compatible with all Android phones and home electronics that have wi-fi capabilities. So the options for a universal remote are ample for you.

Peel advantages

  • Cost saving

One of the biggest differentiating factors of Peel is that it costs you absolutely nothing. Yes, you can download the app free!

Moreover, it doesn’t require an additional hardware to work. You just need a smartphone which you would have anyway for communication purposes. So there is no new investment needed. You see, how much money you save there?

If you’ve used or already using universal a remote, you must be aware that a good brand can turn your bank account lighter by a few hundred dollars easily.

  • Unprecedented convenience

With more smart devices finding the way to your home, you’ll need more remotes or at least new apps. Peel smart remote app eliminates that need by providing a one-stop solution.

Unlike a regular universal remote, you don’t risk losing your remote here and there every now and then. Neither do you have to get its battery replaced, especially when it’s continuously in use controlling so many devices. Just keep your phone charged.

Eventually, there is a clear difference between using a button-based remote and controlling devices with gentle touches on the screen or using voice commands to operate them.

If you’re already a Peel user, you know the experience it brings to the users. If you don’t have the app yet, go ahead and download it from Google play and enjoy the new experience of controlling your TV and other intelligent appliances with your smartphone.

The future of controlling your appliances has already arrived and Peel is bringing is even closer. You can now bid adieus to multiple and mundane remote controls. Peel smart app presents you a lot smarter experience now.

And if you somehow happen to misplace your smart remote around the house or lose it in the corners of the couch, a missed is all it would take you to find it.

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