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How Peel Smart Remote Amplifies the Capabilities of Your Android Phone

Smart remote apps have found their way to our homes. Realising their utility and benefits, more people are giving them a try. One of the most downloaded among such apps is the Peel remote app. Like many other apps, Peel remote also uses IR and Wi-fi capabilities of your smartphone to transform it in a smart remote control which can control all smart devices and appliances around you.

Below is how Peel enables you to make your Android phone even more useful.

TV control

Peel’s most popular domain of application is TV control. It is compatible with almost all the leading brands of TV, set-top box and home theatre. In addition to providing users with all the basic functions of traditional remote, it offers a wide range of innovative features that make controlling TV all the more convenient and fun. Besides, you can customise controls according to your preference.

Peel smart remote comes with a rich graphical interface and user-friendly navigation. On its home screen, there are colourful thumbnails of different TV programmes are neatly placed. These thumbnails are nothing but Peel’s recommendations for you based on your viewing history. With your increased interaction with the app, the recommendations tend to be more accurate.

Programme guide

Now you don’t have to unnecessarily spend time hunting for the programmes you may like to watch. You can use Peel to check what’s trending or what options are there certain genres and categories. You can even check the details of the programmes without changing the channel. Once you decide what you want to watch, a simple tap will take you to the channel, saving all the futile navigation.

Peel TV remote app also lets you plan for up to a week about what you want to watch. Check the app the see upcoming shows, choose what programmes you would like to watch and set reminders. The app will remind you when a programme from the schedules list is going to be on TV.

Home automation

But as mentioned earlier, Peel is not all about TV and can work with a multitude of devices. It’s compatible with more than 150 brands of home appliances and in total, over 4,00,000 devices including AC, heating, camera, lights, locks and so on.  So, there is a strong likelihood that Peel enables you to control any smart appliance at your home. That’s why it makes a perfect solution for a centralised home automation system.

But again, that’s not all. Peel is one of a very few remote apps today that allow you to group controls for various devices. That is to say that you can control multiple appliances through a single tap on your Android phone. Now you can stop worrying about going to each room to turn off appliances while leaving home. Just one tap and you’re all set!

With Peel remote control, you save a great amount of time and energy otherwise required in digitising your home. Not only the installation, set-up and maintenance of a traditional automation process are expensive, but it is also complex which needs an experienced professional to perform the job.

Voice assistance

Use of voice assistance is on the rise. You must be speaking to your phone every now and then to perform a variety of tasks and get several pieces of information. Peel enhances the role of phone voice assistance even further. You can now speak to your phone to control devices.

Voice-recognition is an innovative introduction in the series of the latest developments in Peel. Although it’s not the only app with voice command features, what surely distinguishes it from others is its contextual understanding of the command. For example, if you don’t know the name of a TV programme, you can tell the app about other key details like programme synopsis, director, cast etc. and it is able to show you relevant results.

Thus, in addition to optimising your TV-watching experience, Peel gets you rid of multiple remotes as well as the hassle of having to deal with them. Now your Android phone is sufficient enough to take care of your devices, in a more effective and convenient manner. If you don’t have Peel remote on your Android phone yet, find it in Google Play Store today and start using it.

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