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How to Voice Control Your TV without Expensive Gadgets

Voice recognition is more sophisticated and accurate today than it was half a decade ago. Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa are a few examples to quote here. You may be already using them on your phone or laptop or around your home. A voice interface receives your voice and sends it to the cloud where it’s converted into a command for your device like smartphone.

Gradually, voice control has been gaining access in the home entertainment space. There are a few universal remote companies that are integrating voice technology into their remotes. The only challenge is that most of these remotes or voice-integration hardware are a costly affair.

Thankfully, you can now find smart remote apps in the Android market that work with your voice and cost you absolutely nothing. Peel smart TV remote is one of them.

But before we learn more about Peel voice, let’s see how voice remotes are making a difference.

Benefits of voice-enabled remote control

It gives users a whole new experience of controlling and watching TV. At the very least, it saves you from the painful exercise of having to press remote buttons and spelling out the name of the show. And you can imagine the pain when you’re sitting a room with dim or no lights.

Moreover, it’s quite appealing to have a dedicated digital assistant for TV. You can ask it to record a TV program, display the show schedule or remind you when your favorite movie is on. Unlike how it is with a regular remote, you only have to activate voice functionality, give a voice command and confirm it. That’s all!

Peel: the best voice control for your TV

If you’ve been up to date on the activities in the smart remote segment, you should probably know that Peel is the most popular IR remote apps today. It uses infrared or wi-fi capabilities of your Android phone to turn it into a universal remote control. Besides all the functionalities of a regular remote, it offers a lot many intelligent features such as a comprehensive TV guide, colorful icons, multi-device integration, and of course – voice control!

Peel smart remote is one of the leading few remote apps today that are equipped with voice-recognition capabilities. The app lets you run all the functions on your TV using your voice. You can ask it to turn on or off the TV, adjust volume or even mute or unmute. You can also give it a voice command to switch to the cable mode.

However, it’s not just limited to the basic controls. Peel can follow your voice to run the TV guide for you. For example, you only have to speak what shows or movies are on or upcoming and it will display the listings for you. If there is a specific genre you have in mind like war, documentary, horror, comedy etc, just tell Peel. It’ll get you all the available options.

And what if you don’t know the name of the show? It’s no problem. Peel can understand the context and based on the details you share, it can come up with what you’re looking for. For example, you can ask it about a show which stars specific actors, or a movie whose plot is such and such, and Peel will browse the channels and get it for you on the screen. So instead of typing the name of the show, you just have to tell your Peel remote what it is you want to watch and lo, it’s on the TV screen. Imagine typing “Journey to the Center of the Earth” on your manual remote, and now compare it with simply speaking out to your remote. Isn’t that fun?.

Peel smart remote, in a true sense, is your digital genie for TV which listens to you, understands you and provides you with what you want. All in all, it enhances your TV watching experience with a convenience you had never before. Moreover, it doesn’t even require you to buy expensive gadgets for this.

Surely there is a growing interest of people in voice applications. Voice-controlled remote function in home entertainment is still in early stages. Its adoption will be entirely dependent on whether it’s able to deliver a better experience to the users when compared to the traditional manual controls. And Peel TV app is doing that job efficiently!

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