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Lost between too many remote controls? Time to switch to Peel

With the ever-increasing number of devices in our houses, along with the way technology is evolving, so many electronics can now be operated with a remote control. In-fact, there is a remote added to our houses between every 8–12 months, suggests a study.

Every household with a TV has a minimum of 2 remote controls, one for the TV and one for the set top box; add one each for the sound system, the Blu-Ray Player, the AC and the list is just endless. At a time when we keep on fiddling and fighting over remote controls, there is a solution to manage it all without much fuss about it — enter into the scene Peel Universal Smart Remote App.

Now picture this, if you were able to control all your devices just with a tap on your phone, wouldn’t it be just wonderful?

What exactly is Peel Smart Remote?

Peel Universal Smart Remote app enables your Android smartphone to control your home appliances like TVs, ACs, STBs and more. It is made possible through the built-in IR hardware on your phone. For phones without the IR hardware, Peel uses the Wifi network to connect and control your devices.

It allows you to flip through programs on TV or change the cooling conditions of your room, all with the Peel Smart Remote App on your Android phone. You can even control the app using your voice (in some countries).

What all can you do with the Peel App?

Peel gives you the power to control your digital devices right from your mobile screen:

1. Control your TV, STB & other streaming devices

Peel Smart TV Remote lets you take control of your TV from your mobile screen. Flip through channels or increase or decrease the volume. You can even access the basic controls from your lock screen with the remote widget.
It is compatible with 1500+ models of TVs, 1800+ STBs, 400+ DVDs and more. With an IR enabled phone, you can connect to all these right from your phone.

2. Control ACs other Home Appliances

Peel Universal Remote gives you the control over your AC or other cooling systems. It is compatible with more than 300 models of AC. You can even connect with devices like lights, Air Coolers, Sound Bar, Camera, Air Purifier, Philips Hue Lights and Gaming consoles like Xbox, Playstation.

3. TV Program Guide in your hands

Peel App gives you access to the Program schedules for more than 150 countries. With this you can never miss any TV show. You are able to view the entire schedule for a week, mark the shows that you want to watch and put them to record on your set top box, all from your phone. It personalizes your TV viewing experience and lets you take control of your time.

How Does Peel Universal Smart Remote Work?

Peel makes use of the built-in IR hardware on your Android smartphone and replaces the remote you would otherwise use. It blasts infrared signals from your phone to the device and transforms your phone into a remote control. Simply point at your device and tap your phone to operate it.

Does your phone not have an infrared blaster? No need to worry. For phones without the IR hardware, Peel uses WiFi to discover and control devices. You can connect to the smart devices in the same WiFi network such as TVs, music systems and streaming players, ACs and Cameras, and control them right from your phone.

The app even lets you customize the interface according to your needs and requirements. If you think you are used to the regular remote control, you are in luck as Peel offers the interface which is the exact replica of your device’s remote — one of the many thousands of devices that it is compatible with.

Here is how you can also use Peel remote control

To download the app, simply go to the Play Store and search for Peel Universal Remote. Or you can even click on this link and it will take you straight to the download page.

Once downloaded, the app itself walks you through the steps to configure it with your devices like TV, AC and STBs and you are ready to use it in a go!

Peel Smart Remote – All the questions you’ve ever had

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