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Peel Smart Remote Tips and Tricks

Peel is one of the most popular TV remote apps today. It uses the IR-emitter in your Android phone and tablet and turns it into a universal TV remote control. The app has a broad range of functionalities that are aimed at completely redefining your TV watching experience.

This blog shares a few quick tips on how you can deal with the age old remote controls by using the app and how to make the most of Peel’s features.

Did you know you can access Peel app from a locked phone screen?

To enhance the experience of using a remote control and to allow you seamless access, Peel Remote Control App is made available to you on the lock screen as well. With an icon on the lock screen, it enables you to perform every basic input on your TV like changing volume, channel, etc. without having to unlock the screen. If you don’t need the icon, you have an option of removing it in Peel settings.

Can you still enjoy Peel features if you don’t have a cable subscription?

Yes, you can. Of course, you can leverage the best of Peel features with a cable subscription. However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have one. Peel can still work as a smart remote to run every basic input to control your TV. It especially comes useful when you have to shuffle between and operate other media devices connected with your TV such as Xbox, media player, Chromecast etc.

Remote buttons not working? Here is what you do.

Go to your remote screen and scroll down to Troubleshoot Remote. Tapping on this button will show you all the control buttons. You can then tap the control you’re facing the issue with. After this, point the phone at the TV and tap again to see if the problem is resolved.

You can connect more than one TV with Peel.

You have the option to add another TV on your Peel smart app simultaneously. You just have to create a room for each TV you want to add.

Go to the electronic program guide (EPG) page, add a new room and proceed to connect the other TV with the app. Thus, you can create separate rooms if you have to add multiple TVs. The app also allows you to switch between different rooms easily.

Add or remove channels from the TV guide.

You can personalize your channel guide according to your preference by adding or removing channels in the app settings.

Go to the EPG page and find Edit Channels at the bottom of the page. To remove a channel, tap on its name until you see the blue tick mark gone and a cross mark appearing. If you want to add a channel, simply tap on it and when the blue tick mark appears, it means the channel is added now.

What if you face a problem in controlling the devices you’ve set up?

Visit your Android phone settings and select More. Swipe left on application manager to find All. Swipe down here to find Peel Smart Remote and tap on it. Clear cache and data and Force Stop the app. Once this done, revisit the app and set up the devices again. You should find the controls working now.

Check if IR-blaster whether your phone is working.

In order for Peel app to work, your Android phone should have an IR-blaster and it should be working. But how do you confirm it is? There is a quick trick to do that.

Set up the Peel app in your phone and open it. Once it open, you can see the controls on its front page.

Take another phone which as a front camera. Now point IR-blaster in your phone towards another phone and tap any control button. If the IR-blaster is working, you’ll see a purple light on the front camera of the second phone. And if you don’t, it means there is a problem with the IR-blaster and your phone cannot support Peel. In that case, reach out to the phone manufacturer to report the issue.

If the problem persists…

After you’ve tried all the recommended solutions and there still seems to be some technical issue while using Peel app, you can write to us on with details of the issue. Our concerned team will try to address it at the soonest.

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