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Replace Your Samsung TV Remote with Peel App

It’s needless to say, Samsung is a well-regarded TV manufacturer across the world. Not only do Samsung TVs have a high picture quality, the brand Samsung is also one of the leading smart TV makers. Running on Wi-fi, Samsung smart TVs support a variety of streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, PlayStation Now etc.

Now that the TV watching experience is changing with technological advancements, the way you control your TV is evolving as well, thanks to mobile technology. You can now say goodbye to your traditional plastic remote and use your smartphone to operate your Samsung TV. You only have to point the phone towards your TV, similar to as you would with the original Samsung smart TV remote. However, there is no longer pressing buttons but only soft touches and swipes on the screen. And there is no longer a need to look for a misplaced remote to watch your favorite TV show.

How to transform your smartphone into Samsung Smart TV remote?

As we know, the role of smartphones is evolving constantly and they’re assuming more and more responsibilities with time; and in the same series, they’re ready to be used as virtual TV remote controls. Today, there are several apps available in the Android market which can turn your smartphone or tablet into an intelligent TV remote. One of them is the Peel TV remote app. This app is quite easy to set up, comes with a user-friendly navigation and has an optimized interface for tablet use, in particular. It lets you control all the menu options of your TV like play, pause, volume, select etc with simple gestures on your touchscreen. Also, you can customize the app to add or remove controls or even rearrange the components according to your preference and convenience.

How do you use the smart functions on the Peel app for Samsung TV?

Peel uses the IR or infrared blaster in your smartphone to work as the perfect Samsung remote control app.

Don’t have an IR blaster? That’s no matter of worry if you have a Samsung smart TV. Even in absence of IR features, Peel uses the in-built Wi-fi capabilities of your TV to connect it with your phone and delivers the same features and experience. You can use the app to control the TV from anywhere within the Wi-fi network range. However, you’ll need to make sure in this case that both your TV and phone are on the same network.

What are the key advantages of this Samsung smart TV remote app?

This remote control app is compatible with all Samsung TVs and can be easily integrated with them to control all basic functions. It’s a simple-to-use application and shows you all the menu buttons on your screen.

With Peel at work, besides controlling your TV, you can find out all current and upcoming TV programs browse them by category and jump directly to your favorite channel with a simple touch. The app also lets you know the synopsis of the show to help you decide whether you want to watch it. Another interesting feature is that you can use the app to create your program schedule for an entire week ahead. Isn’t that cool?

And what’s more is that the app allows you to control the web browser of your Samsung TV through your phone.

How do you set up the Peel TV remote app?

Peel’s set-up is quite simple and it gives you easy instructions on the steps to follow. Just download the app, install it on your phone and configure it according to the instructions given. After that, pair and connect the app with your Samsung TV and make adjustments in app settings to control the set-top box based on your preference. That’s all! You’re all set to control your TV virtually.

Traditional remotes continue to be fit for the role they’ve been playing for ages. However, they fall short on offering an optimum content experience on your Samsung smart TV. Peel TV remote app surely redefines the TV watching experience and eliminates your worry over broken or misplaced remote or having to replace its battery. It’s a highly functional and perfect virtual remote control for your Samsung smart TV.

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