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Using Your Android phone as a TV Remote

Has it ever happened to you that you’re all set to watch your favourite football match and the moment you’re settled in your couch, you realize you can’t find the TV remote? It’s a frustrating experience and admit it, you come across such painful instances every now and then. The good news is that this pain and frustration is going to be a thing of the past. Thanks to the advancement in mobile technology, you can now operate your TV using your smartphone. There are various apps available today which turn your smartphone or tablet into a TV remote, only with enhanced functionalities. Isn’t that great?

Peel remote control for TV

Android, in particular, boasts of many such TV remote apps and one one of those Android apps is Peel Smart Remote which offers a holistic remote solution through your smartphone. Using the built-in IR (infrared) blaster, the app transforms your phone into a new-age TV remote with neatly organized and visually appealing tabs. If the phone does not have IR blaster, you can still connect Peel’s Universal Smart Remote to your devices like Smart TV, Philips Hue Lights et al via WiFi. Not only does the remote look better but also feels much better than a traditional TV remote.

Peel app has a rather sophisticated and user-friendly interface and you can feel a clear difference while operating it. With simple taps and swipes on the screen, it allows you to conveniently change channels, find and watch TV shows, and control all menu options such as select, play, volume etc. In addition to this, the app also gives you the flexibility to add your preferred channels in the navigation list.

Peel offers a variety of innovative TV remote features.

Peel Smart Remote app comes with multiple intelligent features. Besides letting you surf channels instantly, the same way you would have with a traditional TV remote, it helps you manage TV programs by your recent watch-list, your preferences and what’s trending. It also keeps a track of your channel preferences and makes personalized recommendations based on them. Interestingly, these recommendations only get more precise as you continue to interact with the app.

Another key difference between a regular remote and Peel TV remote is that unlike the former, this smart remote app helps you plan in advance what you would want to watch over the next week. So there is no more a need for checking the program guide every now and then. Another interesting feature of the app it is that it is social-media-friendly. It allows you to share your watchlist and favorite show lists with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, with a quick tap on your phone screen.

How do you set up the app?

Setting up Peel smart TV remote app is not a complex task. Just install the app and it’ll guide you through the process which is quite easy. You only have to select your TV brand and your location which the app requires to provide you with the TV guide customized for your region. And after that, the app will take you through the testing of buttons and tabs to complete the process.

Does it support iPhone as well?

Peel for iOS is said to work with Pronto, but for the time being, it has been discontinued. Peel TV remote app is perfectly compatible with Android phones. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet without the built-in infrared hardware, you still don’t have to worry. You only need to have a Wi-fi compatible TV or other home devices and Peel will work perfectly fine with them.

It’s time to change the way you operate your TV with a touch of smart technology. Use Peel remote app and make your multipurpose smartphone or tablet even smarter by letting it redefine your TV watching experience entirely. All you have to do is download the app on the device. It’s that simple!

Whether to make calls, check emails, book cabs, or follow social updates, we have our phones with us all the time. So if your smartphone can control your TV programs, you’re sure the missing-remote will never be a concern for you. And even if it’s not in your immediate sight, you know how to find it. So the next time you’re in front of your TV and can’t spot the remote, you can just give it a buzz and enjoy your favourite show.

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